September 2011

I realized after searching through my posts that I had never gotten around to posting my impressions of the Rolex GMT-IIc diver! I have had this diver for a year or two now and I really like it. Rolex has grown on me as a brand, especially with their releases in the last couple of years. I’m not going to go into a full review of the watch, since there are so many competent reviews out there already, but I will post about my impressions. Unfortunately I only took three photos of the watch before I put it into safety deposit so I can’t take any more until I grab it out again!

We’ll start with the wrist shot. The watch is perfect sized for my 6 3/4″ wrist, and still manages to look bigger than previous versions while maintaining its 40mm diameter. Rolex accomplishes this by widening the lugs to give the watch a chunkier appearance. I really like what Rolex did when they redesigned these diver cases – to me the previous ones were just a touch too small. Now they are perfect. The new green GMT also sets off the dial perfectly.

You can see the new Ceramic bezel in the close up above quite well. The GMT numbers are cut out of the polished surface of the ceramic and have a sort of blasted rough finish on the inside, which is a very nice contrast. Props to Rolex for making such a beautiful ceramic bezel. Of course the typical authenticity security features such as the etched crown in the sapphire crystal, rolexrolexrolex wording around the chapter ring and serial located in the chapter ring all exist on this model.

The GMT Bezel is a bidirectional bezel, like most GMT bezels out there. The movement in the GMT Master IIc is the Rolex Caliber 3186, which has been upgraded from the previous Caliber 3185 by adding a Parachrom-Blu Hairspring.

Some other improvements int he GMT II Ceramic are the new machined clasp and solid oyster bracelet as well as the maxi-dial. I’m glad they finally included all of these features on one watch, which is why I bought the GMTIIc. One of my criticisms of Rolex has always been their differences from high end to lower end models like the Maxi Dial and Date “complication”. Addition of a date wheel for a thousand dollars seems quite excessive. But whatever they are doing it is working, because they are still THE brand, when one talks about luxury wristwatches.

While not entiredly watch related, Breitling is the main sponsor of the annual Reno Air Races, which have been cancelled this year after Jimmy Leeward fatally crashed into the crowd. Our hearts go out to those who have suffered from this tragedy and lost love ones. Leeward was 74 and flew a modified P-51 named “The Galloping Ghost”.


So it looks like Android users will finally get to play this free game from Breitling, and us Blackberry users are still out of luck. What about making one for the Playbook, Breitling? I’d appreciate it!

Breitling, main sponsor of the National Championships Air Races, the legendary Reno pylon races (Nevada, USA), announces the launch of a free “Breitling Reno Air Races” Android game, capitalizing on the success of the Apple version launched last June and currently approaching the one-million download mark!

An updated edition of the latter is being simultaneously made available in order to further enrich the game for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch (iOS).

Announcing the new Breitling Colt! What do you guys think? I saw some preview pics from a dealer, and I’m still not liking this one so much unfortunately. All of the models in the Colt line are now Quartz, no more rider tabs.


The same spirit but a new look. Breitling has entirely redesigned its Colt model, a symbol of sturdiness, reliability and performance. A sculptural model carved in steel, the new Colt turns heads with its original styling clearly built for action, achievements and thrills. With its solid construction and its water resistance to 300 meters (1,000 ft) or 500 meters (1,650 ft), it establishes itself as an exceptionally sporty model, a champion and natural frontrunner. Its originality begins with the bezel featuring a taut, sophisticated shape and stamped numerals, and continues with the case echoing the same outline. The dials are adorned with new rounded numerals exclusively designed for this model, with rhythmical motifs and with a play on colors. The steel bracelet reinforces the unique character of this fresh, youthful and dynamic design, while ensuring optimal comfort and sturdiness.

Available in three versions endowed with strong and distinctive characters, including a chronograph and a ladies’ watch, the new Colt is equipped with SuperQuartz™ movements that are chronometer-certified by the COSC (Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute), like all Breitling movements.


Reno, Nevada. Every year in September, an array of original planes converge on Stead Airport to take part in one of the world’s great aviation venues: the famous Reno pylon races. Flying at dizzying speeds, these aircraft face off on circuits traced out in the desert, just a few feet off the ground. Their motto: “Fly low, go fast, turn left.” As a partner of all the fi nest hours in aviation, Breitling is the main sponsor of this event that is unique in the world – thereby pursuing its mission to perpetuate the competitive spirit, the taste for performance and the fierce quest for victory.

As many of you know, Wyler shut its doors about two years ago due to the economic downturn and its inability to keep up in the marketplace. The reality is that no one really wanted to pay $15,000 for a watch with a nearly bone-stock ETA 2894-2 movement in it. So now we are seeing the watches pop up online and on eBay for around $2200-3000 in their basic models.

As you can see from the above, I bought two! I really love the look of the Code-R Chronos, and they come in tons of different configurations. I actually changed the strap on the white dialed model to a black rubber strap, and like it much better. I generally prefer the rubber straps on these I think – Suits the style much better. These watches feature suspension-mounted movements in high-tech titanium and carbon fiber cases, but are available in many different types of materials including gold, tantalum and ceramic.

As you can see, the brown one features a brown rubber strap that has what looks like a tire-tread pattern on it to give it a sporty look. The four screws visible from the top of the case hold springs that the central round part of the watch sits on, giving the watch a suspension system, similar to that which is found on some Formex watches, though somewhat more refined.

The brown dial is metallic, almost like what some call “Liquid Copper”. Lume is limited to a small portion of the hands and is not especially bright, but is bright enough for regular limited use. Watches are all completely Swiss Made, with quality components. The crown guard is an interested innovation they use, and differs from others in that it pulls out and pops into place and feels very well made. Everything about the watch is very well made, but since it is no longer in production, replacement parts may be hard to find.

The white dial is a glossy white, with black chrome applied indexes. Another interesting feature is that the crown is surrounded in rubber, like the tire of a car. It makes turning the crown much easier since it is partially obscured by the crown protector. The calf leather strap that came with the watch waas very soft and easy to scratch.

Overall, I really dig my two Wyler Code-R’s. For the price that they are available at now, they are a good value if you like the style. The watches are well-made and the fit and finish is a very high level. The movements, while stock ETA 2894-2’s, do have a black chromed rotor which looks pretty nice. I wouldn’t pay anywhere near what the original retail was, but its a watch I would recommend at the current pricing.

Case Size: 44mm x 52mm
Case Metal: Titanium and Carbon Fiber
Strap Material: Rubber/Leather
Movement: ETA 2894-2, 37 Jewels

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