I’ve been a big fan of Chronoswiss watches since as long as I can remember. They have always struck me as the perfect affordable Swiss Mechanical dress watch for men. I’ve owned a couple of their Kairos models, in the knurled bezel 38mm cases and liked them but always found the larger Timemaster series a bit too clunky-looking for my liking Perhaps its the dial or the onion crown, but they just didnt’ work for me. With the Pacific Collection, I see another Chronoswiss watch that works for me.

The Pacific series comprises the Pacific, Grand Pacific and Pacific Chronograph watches. The Pacific is a 40mm watch, while the latter two are larger 43mm affairs. All feature ETA 2892-A2 movements or Valjoux 7750’s in the Chronographs. I’m quite taken by the dials on these retro-inspired Chronoswiss watches as the markers remind of the ones used by Zenith in their latest watches.

Superb. I can’t wait to own one!

In a follow-up to the original Chronoswiss Kairos review, this is the video review. This is still one of my favourite understated and affordable gent’s watches out there. On the secondary market, the price can’t be beat.

Chronoswiss, contrary to what the name might suggest, is a German-based watch manufacture founded by Gerd R. Lang. While the company is German, the watches are all hand made and finished completely in Switzerland. Ever since I saw my first Chronoswiss, I’d wanted one.. I didn’t care that the watch was a smallish 38mm, I just loved the case and dial work. Which lead me to the purchase of my Chronoswiss Kairos!

Look at at that beautiful hand guilloche dial! Amazing solid sterling silver dial, with absolute attention to detail. Even the blued steel hands show absolutely perfect. In the price that you can get the Chronoswiss watches used, there is probably NO watch that is finished quite as nicely. The Kairos has been in production around 10 years, so its no spring chicken.

So nice I had to post two photos of the dial. The case is a three-piece design with a knurled bezel and sapphire crystal front and back. I remember reading somewhere that the polished breguet style hands on the Chronoswiss are hand-polished and take several hours to finish.

The onion crown is absolutely perfect, with its finely cut and machined grooves perfectly formed without any machining marks you see on inferior levels of finish.

The lugs screws are also perfectly fit and require two screwdrivers to remove. Since the watch has fairly wide 20mm lugs it gives the impression of being a bit larger than its 38mm case diameter might suggest. The Chronoswiss Alligator straps are also padded and of extremely high quality, adding to the luxurious feel of the watch.

And then there’s the movement! While its a relatively common ETA 2892 base movement it has a fantastic look and level of fininsh to it as well. The beautiful cut rotor looks amazing set against the steel bridges. One of the prettiest 2892’s I’ve ever seen.

And here’s the requisite wrist shot. 38mm Chronoswiss on my 6 3/4″ wrist. Not too shabby… looks pretty darn good if you ask me! I absolutely adore the Chronoswiss watches. While their larger timemaster seems to be more popular with the crowds these days, I still love the 38mm watches and wouldn’t hesistate to add another to my collection!

Well, full sized is a relative term. Back in the day, 36mm was full sized. Now, 42mm is the minimum that many would consider full sized. For me, 42mm is perfect size.

Enter the new Chronoswiss Chronoscope CM – a Regulator layout, with Mono-pusher Chronograph movement, based on the good ol Enicar that they love so much over there. Caliber C125 movement, and case measures a healthy 42.5mm in diameter! Finally a classic looking Chronoswiss with a big case. The timemaster was big enough, but the dial was not to my liking.


The watch is available in both Rose Gold and Stainless steel variations, and like most Chronoswiss watches has a Sapphire display back. At any rate, the movement is a unique modification by Chronoswiss, and the size is great. Combined with the unique and quintessentially Chronoswiss dial, this watch will be on my short-list.