December 2016

Latest in the sleek, miliary styled Breitlings is the Chronospace Evo Night Mission. Badass to the bone – this watch makes me feel like Jason Statham, the Rock and Mark Wahlberg all at the same time while drop kicking bad guys and shooting them in the face with a machine gun all at the same time. True Mall Ninja Tactical right here.

Hitting the spot in blue and black
By appearing with a sturdy and light black titanium case framing a blue dial with tone-on-tone counters, the electronic Chronospace chronograph from Breitling adopts a strong and original new persona, while maintaining its sterling qualities as an instrument for professionals.

More info from Breitling here.

A cool limited edition Navitimer watch to look forward to in the coming months as the Breitling DC-3 begins its world tour. This is a cool journey and will be marked by a cool watch. Certain “privileged individuals” will be joining for certain legs of the flight it seems… wish I was so lucky!

From March to September 2017, the Breitling DC-3 will be doing a grand world tour in several stages, an amazing accomplishment for this legendary plane that will be celebrating its 77th birthday. The crew will not be alone in flying from one continent to the other, since a 500-piece Navitimer limited edition will also be onboard throughout the journey.

Check out the new limited editions DC-3 Navi: