The new Bremont Codebreaker, which was announced at Baselworld is one of the most awesome watches I have ever seen and is right up my alley. Unfortunately the limited production of 240 pieces in Steel will probably prevent me from ever getting one. It has the in-house Bremont caliber BE83AR, which is a flyback chronograph with interesting subdial layouts and a GMT complication. The Codebreaker name is named after the role that Bletchley Park played in WWII as a codebreaking facility and was instrumental in saving thousands of American and British lives and contributing to the war effort.


The movement the Bremont caliber BE83AR: 39 jewels, 28,800 vph and 46 hours power reserve. It features a three-legged Glucydur balance with Nivarox 1 mainspring, Incabloc shock protection, perlage and blued screwed decoration with hand crafted stainless steel and Bombe rotor. It includes flyback chronograph and GMT complications. The limited edition numbered on the side of the case is made from material used at Bletchley Park itself.


The case is classic Bremont (as classic as such a new company gets I suppose), and looks fantastic. Measurements are 43mm diameter, 15mm thickness and 22mm lug width.


The rotor on Bremont’s in-house movement is pretty awesome, as we American’s like to say (even though I am Canadian). It looks fantastic and makes me want the watch even more! The more I look at Bremont Watches the more I realize I need one. I think that this Bremont or another similar piece will be in my stable before the end of the year!

I combed throught the Basel Footage on eBay and selected a few of what I thought were the more interesting videos to give my readers an idea of what it was like at Baselworld and to pick out some of the Breitling related videos as well as other videos that are probably more interesting to Breitling collectors and enthusiasts. Rolex put out a slightly revamped Daytona and a slightly revamped GMT-II Master… nothing too special there. Anyway, take a look at a few of the picks and enjoy!

Breitling Emergency II at Basel 2013:

Breitling for Bentley B06 Motors at Basel 2013:

Breitling Fishtank at Basel 2013:

Rolex Daytona at Basel 2013:

Bell & Ross at Basel 2013:

Bremont Codebreaker at Basel 2013:

Basel 2013 Highlights:

Impressions from Attendants:

The new Jaguar XJ75 Platinum Concept car will feature a Bremont Clock on the dash, and it looks pretty sweet!! no details on whether it is quartz or mechanical yet, but it looks fantastic how it mounted.

Bremont has a Very Cool video on their website showcasing the level of testing their Anti-Shock Martin Baker watch has gone through. Bremont also hardens their watch cases to a higher vickers than other brands.


The Martin Baker watch is tested vigorously and this watch is testiment to that. There is also a show reel and walpole award video that is worth checking out. Thanks to TZ for the heads up.

Bremont has been creating quite a buzz with their watches as of late, with guys like Orlando Bloom and Bear Grylls sporting their peices. The new EP120 is based on the EP120 Spitfire plane of WWII fame, with parts from the actual aircraft used in these watches. They will be limited to 120 peices, so acquiring one will not be easy. The rotor is shaped like the spitfire propellor as well, making this a very worthy tribute to the famous plane.

The watch uses the BE-53AE movement and is COSC Certified, with a DLC coated Titanium case. Features a GMT and 30-minute Chrono complications.

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