August 2008

This is a video review of my Zenith Defy Classic Power Reserve watch. I love this watch, and didn’t realize that I would really love it as much as I do. Looking through all the Defy series of watches from Zenith, the majority of them looked very cool, but perhaps too cool. The Defy Extreme series of watches look amazing, but they also looked like a sophisticated analog version of a Casio G-shock at the same time, which takes away from the class.

The Defy classic lines are just crazy enough, without being off the charts, and look fantastic. I think the 43mm size of the Defy Classic Power Reserve is perfect, and with the added power reserve complication it is a nice touch. The Zenith Elite movement is also very nicely done and has the unique ability to move the date forwards as well as backwards. Enjoy the review!

I received an email from a Mr. Abu Zeid this morning, and felt I had to publish it. I personally think that his expectations are unrealistic, and to assume that a “quality bracelet” is synonymous with scratch proof is rather ridiculous. Does that mean any gold bracelet is of inferior quality because it is easy to scratch?

At any rate, Mr. Abu Zeid goes on to accuse me of being inaccurate in my review of the pilot bracelet stating that it is of very high quality because it just “started to get scratches all over it”. It is not my fault that he rubs it against anything and everything, but he does raise a good point in that it would be nice to had a scratch proof bracelet. But maybe, we should just learn to take care of things.

He goes on to state his proof that Rolex watches are of higher quality because his wife’s Rolex looks like new after 2 years. Well, I have a feeling that his wife isn’t as rough with her watches, and Rolex does use a harder stainless steel.

But in the end he’s just accusing me of not wearing the bracelet long enough before I review it, and giving false information. I’ve worn my pilot bracelets for years, and there has been no excessive scratches on it that are out of the ordinary. I polish the bracelets when they need to be, which is not that often.

Any thoughts?

I been looking at your Breitling site and thanks for the information ,

I really wish you use the `Brietling model for a while before writing a review and give false information to the customers who will get their product information from your site before buying.

You wrote about the Pilot bracelet :

The pilot bracelet is one of the most popular bracelets available and in my opinion possibly one of the best bracelets on the market of any brand. The five row bracelet has a few variations, with 18K/SS alternating links and a brushed finished version with harder angles for the Chronomat Blackbird and some other variations as well including a solid gold one.

I don’t agree with you and I think the people have the right to know the truth about the quality of this bracelet. !!

I have purchased a Brietling Chronomat – Pilot Bracelet .. May 2008 from the Brieting dealer , I have all certified papers and warranty for it,

After exactly one month the bracelet – Pilot started to get scratches all over… I took the watch to the dealer, I got no help all they offer me is a free polish for the bracelet ( polish work done for $200 !!) and they admit that this kind of bracelet is NOT scratch proof!!

I spend $ 7000 on a watch that did not last one month before it get so ugly,, really I was surprised from the quality of the watch even the sales man at the dealer was surprised too !!

On the otherhand… I bought my wife a Rolex….. this is really a beauty heavy duty watch….. she been use in it for over than 2 years now,,, the watch as good as new,,,,

I tried going to the net to send an email to Breitling company… they don’t have an email !!!!

Well, that’s the email. For those of you interested in fixing up the tiny swirlies and restoring the shine back, Cape Cod cloths are the bomb. Do a search on the forum and you’ll see some cool pics and reviews of their results:

Bremont has been creating quite a buzz with their watches as of late, with guys like Orlando Bloom and Bear Grylls sporting their peices. The new EP120 is based on the EP120 Spitfire plane of WWII fame, with parts from the actual aircraft used in these watches. They will be limited to 120 peices, so acquiring one will not be easy. The rotor is shaped like the spitfire propellor as well, making this a very worthy tribute to the famous plane.

The watch uses the BE-53AE movement and is COSC Certified, with a DLC coated Titanium case. Features a GMT and 30-minute Chrono complications.

Breitling’s legendary SuperOcean in Chronograph configuration, with the unique white dial/blue subdial configuration finally gets a video. The Chrono SuperOcean is a very fine watch, with a very serviceable 42mm size, thick chunky styling, and reliable Breitling Caliber 13 movement. This bad boy has a nice look and cool features like the screwdown pushers, and 500m water resistance. The Professional II bracelet is a nice improvement over the previous Professional Bracelet, albeit slightly (just slightly) less comfortable. Enjoy.

If you aren’t aware, the Olympics started today, and the opening ceremony was absolutely amazing… easily the most impressive Olympics opening ceremony I have ever seen. Beijing has set the new standard by which all other Olympics opening ceremonies will be judged. The official timekeeper, as has been for quite a while now, is Omega.

Omega erected a pavillion to showcase their watches at the Beijing Olympics and it looks pretty cool. I wonder if Omega will put up a similar structure in Vancouver for the 2010 Olympics? If so, I will be there!

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