March 2015

Two new Breitling for Bentley watches have been released at Baselworld:
The Bentley GMT Light Body B04 Midnight Carbon and
The Bentley GMT Light Body B04 S

The Midnight Carbon features Black annodized Titanium and the S features regular titanium in a smaller size of 45mm, not that 45mm is small by any standard, but small compared to its 49mm brethren. Two very cool Breitling for Bentley Models added to the collection.


Breitling’s more significant announcement today is the Breitling Unitime SleekT, featuring the new Breitling Caliber B35 in-house movement, the first from Breitling that does not have a Chronograph. They have again re-used an old caliber name, adding some confusion to deciphering Caliber names.. but that’s neither here nor there. This is a nice looking watch, especially if you’re into that retro unitime styling that Breitling is bringing back.


This new movement has some interesting features including a differential time-zone disc for adjusting your worldtime. The other new feature is the Tungsten Carbide bezel, which looks very cool and is very scratch resistant. Breitling released a promo video below:

Breitling’s iconic SuperOcean watch gets a minor facelift with a new dial and bezel and slightly slimmer profile. The new trio of watches is dubbed the SuperOcean II and comes in 36, 42 and 44mm sizes. Also, the increasing sizes also provide increasing water resistance from 200m to 500m to 1000m.


See the info below:

In the wake of the B50, Breitling launches yet another in-house superquartz movement dubbed the B55 Connected. Breitling is reusing Caliber names again so this will probably confuse vintage collectors a little bit, but its different enough that no one should be confused once they see it. A bluetooth enabled watch that lets you connect to your iPhone (not sure about other platforms) to your watch and check everything from battery levels to set the time. While this is pretty amazing, I hope they iron out all the bugs before they release it, unlike the B50, otherwise they will have many disappointed owners.


The movie and images seem to focus more on the look of the App on the iPhone than the watch itself so its hard to get a feel for what the watch is going to look like. The only thing for certain is the Ana-Digi display, magnetic connector, and the blue Wireless Connected logo on the dial, which I personally could do without.. its a bit too “front and center” for me. I would make it a bit smaller, no larger than the Breitling Logo. Take a look at the video below:

Just realized this was in my drafted folder – forgot to post it! Breitling brings back the Automatic movement to the entry level Colt line. This is a good move… don’t make the different lines seem like a class distinction… leave that kind of behavior to Rolex and Apple. Breitling is Breitling! Check out the new Colt Chronograph Automatic here.


Born for action

Breitling interprets the technical, understated and efficient styling of the Colt collection in a new chronograph powered by a selfwinding movement. Exactly what it needs to keep ahead of the game, including at the famous Red Bull Air Race for which Breitling serves as official timekeeper.