April 2009

I’m a little late posting this, but it came out last week. Breitling The Book. Its a huge comprehensive book on Breitling’s History, and is only available from Breitling Directly as far as I know. Price is $175US, $135EU, or $200CHF, and it is available in 5 languages: English, French, Spanish, German and Italian.

There is a big section on the new B01 caliber, and the book in many ways commemorates this event. Beautifully packaged, and bound, this book is a great addition to any collection, and you can bet I will be buying mine. Not sure if it is available at Authorized Dealers, but would be a nice thing to pick up locally if possible.



I’ve got the video review for the Pyrolume Quartz watch that I purchased a while back. This watch has the Yellow Carbon fiber dial with the Pyrolume indexes. Very bright lume, and the watch is quite unique looking. Priced fairly high for what it is, a Japanese movementwith a cheap chinese case and a custom made dial… priced around $350US, but you can snag them for a bit less on auction sometimes.

Check it out.. wasn’t too well-received on youtube, but they get snapped up quick.

Just came across this Gerald Genta watch on ebay, and it was unique enough that I decided to write an short article on it. As many of you know, Gerald Genta is the many behind many watch designs, most notably the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. His own line of watches is extremely unique and uses some high complications with the higher end pieces.

Watch has a relatively small diameter of 40mm, with a crocodile strap and titanium case. Complications include retrograde hours, grand and petite sonnerie, westminster chime, 1 minute flying tourbillon, power reserve indicator. Movement is highly decorated as well… and the best part, retail price is 1.2 Millon bucks!

Driver8 did a fantastic review of his beautiful and popular IWC Big Pilot watch. This is one of the IWC’s that utilize their 5000 series movements with the 7 day power reserve. The movement is a beautiful work of art with a nice gold medallion inserted on the rotor, and uses IWC’s proprietary Pellaton Winding system that was developed in the late 40’s by Albert Pellaton. The watch measures an imposing 46.2mm, and calls back the days of yore in WWII when pilots wore these watches. The watch also uses a faraday cage to protect the movement from magnetic influences.


Beautiful watch, and Driver8’s review is top notch. Check it out:

See the IWC Big Pilot review here on the forum

Again, IWC has secured the top ranking of luxury watch brands performed by the LBSI. The index measures the value and equity of luxury brands across North America, using data collected by wealthy American consumers of these products. The information is from actual wealthy consumers, rather than non-consumers of luxury goods that only recognize names like Tag Heuer and Rolex.

The index uses factors such as “quality, social status and self-enhancement” in order to base their results. IWC’s blend of uniqueness and exclusivity, superior quality, self-enhancement and status gives them a unique place among consumer’s hearts.

This is not a huge surprise to me, but I agree that IWC is among my favourite watch brands and I am set on purchasing another IWC watch and adding to my collection soon!

Not the one I’m getting, but a little eye candy: The IWC Portuguese Tourbillon Mystere.

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