Giuliano Mazzuoli

Time to come clean guys – who among us has a guilty wristwatch pleasure? Be it a closet crush on Invicta Wristwatches or a obsessive-compulsive need to scrub down your watch with simple green every night… I know we all have at least one Guilty pleasure to share.

Ever since I got into watches years ago, I have always wanted to broaden my horizons and allow myself to experience the strangest of watches, with little regard for common sense. I am attracted to watches that many find ugly or over-the-top. No, I’m not talking about the influx of Glam Rock watches that has hit ebay recently, which is no doubt the liquidated stock of many costume-jewelry retailers. I am talking about funky watches like Graham Chronofighters, Mazzuoli Manometros and Corum Bubble’s with Jolly Roger’s on the dials. These are the watches that WIS-types like us pretend to be above, but in reality, I’m not. I harbor closet desires to own and wear these watches! I have to admit it.

Here are a few of the Guilty Pleasure Watches that I have wanted or have already owned:

The Manometro watches have been around for a couple years now, but recently, Giuliano Mazzuoli has been aggressively advertising their Manometro line of watches, and they have caught my fancy. Sporting large 44mm cases made from various precious metals, steel and carbon fiber, these watches resemble a Formula 1 race car speedometer.

The Manometro line of watches starts around $4000US, and are made in Italy from Swiss Components. Some of the same roots as Panerai and Anonimo, with unique styling that only the Italians could conjure up. The Manometro has been on my mind since I saw it, and I figured I would share some pics and specs with you guys. The Carbon Fiber Manometro S has a case completely composed of Carbon Fiber, 40 layers in fact, layered and compressed in epoxy resin and polished until it takes on a beautiful luster and also has a matching Carbon Fiber dial. It has a large crown located at the 2 o’clock position, which almost makes it look like a race timer.

The Carbon Fiber Manometro S comes on a Rubber strap, but some of the steel Manometro models come on leather, which I personally prefer. The difference between the two is that the Manometro S has Carbon Fiber case and Dial and thicker arabic font.

As you can see, the straps attach via screws on the back, preserving the uniquely round, lugless watch case. Whether you like the Manometro or not it is without a doubt a unique timepiece that will not be mistaken for anything else.

I want one. A lot!