July 2012

The video review follow-up to the written review posted earlier on the Egard Shade Automatic from new watch company Egard Watches. Very nicely designed, with obvious care put into conceiving this timepiece from Ilan of Egard Watches. Looking forward to the higher end pieces due to come out in the future from Egard.

Just returned from Vacation, and its time to update the blog. Just came across a newish German watch company and they looked pretty interesting to me so I figured I would give them a mention on here. I’ve owned some Glashutte Original and recently picked up a Union Glashutte from when they still used GO movements and so I’m still quite a fan of the German watch companies.

Neuhaus Inventing Timepieces has been around since 2010 it appears, but I have not heard about them until now. They only have one model, the JANUS DoubleSpeed, which they claim to be the most accurate one-hand watch in the world. The watch is based on the ETA Unitas 6498 movement, and features a double-speed single hour hand, which makes it easier to tell the minutes. The drawback to this is that if the hour hand is at 3, it could be 9 – its up to you to know the difference.

Neat watch, with a well thought out design and details. Hopefully we will see more from Neuhaus. See the video below or visit their website here: http://www.neuhaus.com/