September 2007

To some this might seem obvious, but I’ve been asked by several people how this is done, and this is how I change a strap on my Breitlings. This would apply to many if not most watches actually… at least any watch that uses spring bars. Panerai’s and some other watches may have different access to the spring bars or use screws.

Its just a video giving a quick explanation on how to change your straps out for a bracelet and vice versa. Enjoy!

There are two different SuperOcean Steelfishes out there, and many people are often confused as to which one they are buying, the X-Plus or the original. Especially since Breitling has dropped X-Plus from the name.


Like many watch companies, when new models are released, sometimes they change or have a transition model initially. The SuperOcean steelfish was one of these models. Initially when the Steelfish was a variant of the SuperOcean with two-tone brushed and polished case and bracelet on a professional I bracelet. 1500m water resistance and a helium escape valve at 10 o’clock. This model was only produced for a year. The above picture shows the two. The watch on the right is the X-Plus… notice the Profesional II bracelet.


As you can see both models are very similar, but a couple things to note. The SuperOcean X-Plus, now on the left in the above picture, is all brushed. The watch is less blingy than the original brushed/polished two-tone. The original was also only available with a professional I bracelet, however you could buy a bracelet for the regular SuperOcean and use it.


The pic above gives you an idea of their size difference, even tho only 2mm, is quite substantial on the wrist. Also the all brushed look of the X-Plus makes a difference. Both models shown are in the blue dial, which is my favourite of all the dials. Same movement in both watches, the Breitling Caliber 17.


Well, I hope you enjoyed this post. It would be especially useful for those of you looking to purchase a Steelfish online so you don’t accidently buy the wrong one! Here are links to both on the BreitlingSource site:

SuperOcean Steelfish
SuperOcean Steelfish X-Plus

Hey All!

I came across WELDER Watches a while back and was intrigued by their version of an Instrument Watch. Ever since I seen the BR instrument watch I wanted one. I had an Invicta Corduba for a short time but when I saw it was missing a screw in the back case and customer service did nothing to send me the missing screw.  I got it repaired at a jeweler and then sold it off. I will NEVER get an Invicta based on their !@#$ customer service.

Anyhoooooo, back to WELDER. Ya’ll heard of U-Boat, right? The Designer Italo Fontana is the designer and he recently put together a ‘K’ series for a new line called WELDER. As you’ll see there are lots of similarity to the original U-Boat design. Niiiiiiiiice………..

Opening the shipping box I pulled out a hard carrying case. A nice compact case with the Welder Logo embossed right on it. The locks looked nice and sturdy and there’s a relieve knob for atmospheric pressure.

Pop Pop! I unclip the locks and and slowly opened the cover. There it was. A massive square Intrument watch in shiny brushed steel with black face and white luminous numerals. I faintly heard a choir of angels singing softly in the background as I gazed in awe at the K23.

Measuring at 45mm squared (55mm including the crown) the brushed finished case and bezel really caught the light. Three chrono subdials at the 6-9-12 position. Date window at 3.

Dial styling is reminiscent of U-Boat, big and bold.

If your into the hunky chunky industrial look, the K23 fits the bill to the ‘T’. It’s sorta like the Shwarzeneggar of the instrument watch styling. Some initial impressions of the watch is that the edges and corners may be a bit sharp and uncomfortable for the wrist. Far from it. It is one of the more comfortable watches for my 7.25″ wrist. A closer look will reveal the soft curvature of the case to conform to your wrist. AND that the corners
are neither sharp and pointy to cause any intrusion. All along the case is a beveled edge. However it does appear to make for a formidable weapon if need be, me thinks.

On all four corners is a big Hex Head Cap Bolt. Dunno if this actually keeps the watch together but they sure look industrial. Heavy Duty!!

There’s the Logo on the side of the case, opposite of the crown and speaking of the crown there is the logo on there too.

There are two leather bands that come with this watch. As seen is the tan strap and then there’s the wide black strap.

Movement is the Japanese Miyota OS10. I found that pulling the crown and setting the time to be very light. I own a couple of Formex Auto’s and they all seem very heavy and a wee bit stiff when setting times and date. Just a personal observation

As big as the watch may be I found it to be extremely comfortable. Every once in awhile your pleasantly surprised when you looked down at the “clock” strapped to your wrist. You forget you have such a monstrous time piece on.

Over all finish is clean and well executed. An excellent piece for the Hunky-Chunky Watch collectors.

Hope you enjoyed the review. Stay tune for another WELDER review in a bit.


So, I put up a new video Review! Of the Breitling for Bentley Motors. This one is on a Crocodile Deployant, but I have a Speed Bracelet on the way. I really love the way the watch looks on a speed bracelet and I’ve been trying to get one in for a little while here but I finally have one SHIPPED.

The watch is incredible, so please.. enjoy the video!

How many Chronometers were certified in 2006? According to the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry, the COSC certifications added up to 1,300,140 Chronometers.

The leaders of the pack still remain the same with Rolex, Omega followed by Breitling. Here is a complete list of all the companies with more than 1000:

Rolex (710,752)
Omega (257,187)
Breitling (182,223)
Panerai (46,454)
Chopard (23,462)
Ulysse Nardin (10,111)
Corum (8,189)
TAG Heuer (7,450)
Chanel (6,980)
Mido (5,722)
Porsche Design (3,892)
Bulgari (3,698)
Ebel (3,516)
Montblanc (3,471),
Invicta (2,717)
Titoni (2,018)
Zenith (1,917)
Rado (1,805)
Eterna (1,706)
Enicar (1,672)
Paul Picot (1,638)
Sinn (1,596)
Christian Dior (1,100)

All others had less than 1000.

Increase of 10.7% overall which is fantastic. Breitling in particular issues by far more Quartz Chronometers than anyone else. Of 56,225 quartz certificates, 54,744 of them were for Breitling. That represents over 97% of total Quartz Chronometre output! Congrats to Breitling!

Another figure you can get out of these stats for Breitling is that just a hair over 30% of all Breitlings sent in for COSC certification were Quartz! That’s a very large percentage!

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