December 2010

Finnish Watchmaker Sarpaneva put a funny image out of one of their watches for the holidays. I’m not sure if its a Piece Unique or if its just a fun gag they did for the festive season – my guess is that its just for fun since it seems somewhat too crude for a final product but I could be wrong!

The original watch is the Korona Moonshine released earlier this month:

The Korona Moonshine features a modified Soprod A-10 automatic. There is no minute hand, just a disc that rotates around with the hour and some segments in-between for you to determine roughly which part of the hour it is. For this watch, telling the time is secondary to the huge moon face that graces the dial.

The Korona case is 42mm in diameter with 50m water resistance.

Us here at BreitlingSource would like to wish you all a wonderful and safe holiday season! Whatever you celebrate, may it be joyful time for you and your family. We’d like to also wish you a healthy and properous New Year to follow!

Here’s to more watches, and more fun!

I never really liked the Radiomir style watches from Panerai, even though I tried them on many many times. It wasn’t until one day I picked up a Risti-Scorned RXW MM25 Radiomir watch from a local fellow that it grew on me and I just had to buy this Panerai 183 when a guy I knew was selling it. In addition to the OEM strap, it came with a Kaktus strap which is what its shown on.

The Panerai Black Seal 183 is the model one up from the Base 210 Radiomir and features a small seconds at 9 o’clock and has the words “Black Seal” printed on the dial. It features a curved Sapphire crystal and exhibition caseback as well as a great black sandwich dial that glows like a torch. The PAM183 is a current model that has been in production since 2004.

The movement is an OP XI, based on the Unitas 6497/2 which is heavily modified by Panerai with custom bridges and other fanciness. This one is Chronometer certified, unlike the 210, which does not since it doesn’t have a second hand. With the new 3000 series movements from Panerai, this may soon be the end of these models.

The signed Panerai crown is nicely made, and is a screwdown crown – uncommon for handwind watches. But then Panerai watches are anything but common. The Crown on the 183 is easy to wind, and looks great with the blasted background behind the polished Officine Panerai logo. The lugs are inserted into the case and held in by screws. There are tiny rubber o-rings in the screws and lugs to prevent water from getting into the lug hole and rusting it from the inside out. Smart.

While its not too difficult to change straps on the 183, its nowhere near as easy to do as it is on a Luminor case, especially with the quick release.

And finally, the wrist shot. The 45mm Radiomir case is perfect for a semi-casual vintage style watch, especially when mounted on an aftermarket strap like this Kaktus strap shown. When mounted on an OEM strap, the watch dressed up quite a bit. The smaller 42mm Radiomirs are much more dressy than the 45mm 183 here, and would likely be better candidates if that was what you were looking for. The Panerai PAM183 that I snagged is a good in-between watch that wears especially well with jeans and a t-shirt in my opinion – the only thing I sometimes miss is the date function

I cracked open my Suunto Core and swapped out the battery myself. Had a few Criticisms on Youtube about touching the battery terminals.. some say it affects the contact, and others say you drain the cell. I have handled a lot of batteries before, but not really those mini flat cells and have never had a problem with discharge from touching the terminals, but they probably hold a lot less. If that’s a concern for you, use plastic tweezers to put the battery in. I didn’t, maybe those will be my famous last words! Anyway.. the point of the video is to let you know how easy it is.

I posted a video of my Fortis Cosmonaute Chronograph a while back. This particular one has the very cool Lemania 5100 movement in it, which features the center-mounted second and minute counters for the chronograph and a 24hr time subdial at 12 o’clock. A very cool watch, with the only detriment being the smaller 38mm size. If this was a 41-42mm Fortis, it would make it nearly the perfect Fortis!

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