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Forgot to post up this link to my last Video review on Youtube of the Dievas 3646 Panerai Homage Watch. Its a great watch and I think a superb choice if you’re in the market for a quality homage and want something from a legitimate Watch Company as opposed to an artisan craftsman. Dievas does a great job here, and price is still reasonable.

I was always a fan of the extra large 48mm Alpina Avalanche Extreme watch, and when I tried one on for the first I was very disappointed to find out that it looked ridiculous on my wrist and just didn’t sit right on it. The rubber strap mounted on the fixed lugs just didn’t conform to my wrist. So when I had a chance to snap up this 42mm Avalanche Extreme Automatic, I jumped on it, hoping that I had found a happy medium. While it did fit better, I was a bit disappointed with the look and size on my wrist.


This model differs from the large 48mm models in that its not a significantly smaller watch, and actually wears much more like 40mm rather than the 42mm it measures at. This is probably partly because of the narrow lugs and rubber strap, combined with the somewhat “shorter” length of the watch from lug to lug.


Generally it is a handsome watch, however it has a very symmetrical look that I found slightly bothersome on the wrist. I feel like the watch looks like a “target” on my wrist, and I didn’t find the look very attractive on me. Combined with the fact that the watch looked too small on my wrist, I knew it was going to be a catch and release.

The watch features a 316L stainless steel case with PVD Stainless Steel bezel and caseback with exhibition window. Crystal is Sapphire, and the case is water resistant to 200m. The Alpina Avalanche Automatic is Swiss Made.


The dial is very nicely designed, and probably one of the most interesting parts of the watch. It is multi-layered and textured, giving it a sense of complexity. Sorry for the somewhat fuzzy photos, I didn’t realize that it wasn’t in focus when I took the shot! The center of the dial features a matte white triangle pattern, and then alternative black and white rings, also in a matte texture on a raised section of dial. The indices are applied, and feature a small amount superluminova, not particularly bright. The date is located at the standard 3 o’clock location.


The caseback is exhibition, and gives a good view of the AL-525 (Base ETA 2824-2) movement. It has a nicely designed rotor, that looks quite interesting. The rotor is given a Geneva Stripe finish, and then PVD coated with a polished finish, which is a nice change. Alpina also uses proprietary triangular shaped screws to secure the case back and bezel on this particular watch.


And finally the look on the wrist. It may not look especially small in this photograph, but in real life, it gives the perception of too small, like a large man wearing a suit that doesn’t button in the front. And really that can be summed up as my comment on this watch.. too small for my tastes, but the design has some potential. I would have liked to see a 45-46mm version that conforms better to my wrist than the 48mm full sizer. Overall a decent design, with some decent execution on a watch that is a bargain on the secondary market if you like this smaller size, and also a great deal with the larger size too.

A video review of one of Retrowerk’s Steampunk inspired timepieces, featuring a Swiss ETA 2824 automatic movement and a bronze finished case and piston driven crown protector. This is definately a watch that stands out in the crowd, but might stand out too much for some. Hope you guys enjoy the video!

Posted up a couple of video reviews that I uploaded to Youtube. One is a Seiko Premier Automatic one that I shot a while back that I had forgotten to upload, and the other is a more recent Seiko Monster SKX779 that I reviewed. Both are fantastic watches from Seiko and really show how great a timepiece they guys can produce in the sub-$1000 price range.

Seiko Monster Video Review:

Seiko Premier Automatic Video Review:

The Sinn 556 is the baby of the Sinn family, weighing in at 38.5mm in diameter and only 10mm thick. While I always liked the look of the 556, I always felt it would be too small for me. However, I am finding lately that I am gravitating towards smaller watches for my fun pieces because its nice to have something that feels like you’re wearing nothing.


Its a beautiful watch, with a matte black dial and some serious AR coating that makes it look like there’s no crystal at all. This is a A dial, which has arabics on it instead of just indices. The crystal is sapphire, but flat.


The case has a brushed satin finish, and is precision machined. It is very well crafted, typical of Sinn’s usual casework. Nice three-piece construction with a fixed bezel. The bezel is fully brushed as well, but would have been nice with a polished front. The date window is at 4:30, and has a matte black finish to it as well, but is quite small and not easily read for those with poor eyesight. The hands, however, are very easy to read and glow like a torch at night.


Here’s a shot of the side of the watch, which is well crafted and has lug holes, which are always a nice feature. They always make removing straps a bit easier.


The stainless steel bracelet features a stamped flip-lock clasp which is standard for all the Sinn bracelets. This particular bracelet isn’t tegimented, so doesn’t offer any additional scratch protection. The bracelet is also given a brushed finish to match the watch. The 757/857 watches from Sinn have a similar look, but larger cases and a Bead Blast finish in contrast.


The Sinn 556 features a Swiss ETA 2824 movement, with some decoration and Sinn signature on the gilded rotor. Not the most fabulously decorated Rotor, but still looks nice nonetheless I suppose. Overall, all the parts of the watch are very meticulously crafted and it is what continues to make Sinn so successful as a luxury tool watch company.


Overall I am really loving my Sinn 556, even with its small 38.5mm diameter. The watch wears very nicely for such a small watch, kind of like a 36mm Rolex Datejust manages to look good for its size as well. The 556 will be with me for some time, as I think I will be keeping this one for a while at least. It fits the bill for those low-key days where I don’t want to draw attention and I don’t want to bang my watch into things because its so big.

Case diameter (mm): 38.5
Case thickness (mm): 10.0
Case back: Transparent
Case metal: Stainless steel
Dial color: Black
Winding: Automatic

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