Concord’s unique and hot-looking C1 Chronograph’s get a facelift with some new color combinations and some beautiful Crocodile straps that will bring some class out of the brand’s flaship Chronograph.


Concord is part of the expanding Movado Group… and ever since the Movado Group purchased Ebel in 2003, they have had somewhat of a resurgance in the watch world. The Movado Group consists of Concord, Movado, Ebel, Coach, ESQ and Tommy Hilfiger brands among others. Both Ebel and Concord had been showing their age, but have recently been revived with new models, Ebel with their 1911 BTR’s with the new In-House movements, and Concord with the new C1.

Concord C1 Chrono

In addition to the C1, Concord does have some nice (albeit overpriced) options in their lineup. The newer Saratoga XL line is a big 44mm Saratoga that overwhelms my wrist with it’s presence. Very nice and noticeable in the 44mm size. When I tried it on at a jeweler’s he tried to convince me that Concord was an even more prestigious brand than Ebel and much more so than Omega or Breitling. Then he told me the Saratoga had a list price of $10K. I beg to differ…

Ebel is Movado Group’s highest end brand I think, and Concord has always been the brand that is offered with the highest discount in any watch store. During sales, Concords always had the extra discount. That turned me off them immediately, however I do admit the Saratoga XL looked pretty sweet… and if it’s any indication of what the C1 Chrono is going to look like.. the C1 when it’s introducted in Winter 2007 will be one hell of a watch.

The Concord C1 Chronograph looks like some sort of hybrid between an Hublot Big Bang, Dewitt Academia and a Concord Saratoga… and that is a good thing, because the Big Band and Academia’s are beautiful watches. I really think that Concord may be onto something with this new watch… It was introduced several months ago and Concord’s website now consists of nothing but a video for this watch.. no current models, no nothing.. just a video with the C1 in it. Must be big. Can’t wait to see it myself… Concord might hold some interest for me after all.

Concord C1:
Diameter: 44mm
Water Resistance: 200m
Movement: ETA Valgranges A07.211
COSC Certified Chronometer

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