Breitling launched another TV Commercial today with a similar theme as most of their commercials: Beautiful Women, Airplanes, and last but not least, Watches. Impressive production values for a watch commercial as I am used to seeing Rolex ads which consist of 3D rotating watches on the screen and a voice over.

Breitling has released a new super-sized 49mm Black Titanium Bentley GT3, a limited series of 500 pieces, and it looks pretty bad ass. Following in the design of most of the new models from the Breitling for Bentley line, it features cutting edge design and high-tech materials. Maybe the next series will use Forged Carbon! I’ve been told they are now able to make forged carbon watch cases in China for around $800, so maybe Breitling can too.


From Breitling:

The will to conquer
A tribute to the Continental GT3 and Bentley’s motorsport victories, the new Bentley GT3 chronograph fiercely flaunts its sporting nature in this 500-piece limited series with a black titanium case, carbon fibre dial, original twin-counter system and chronometer-certified selfwinding movement.

Breitling releases another SleekT model, for ladies. This is a new trend with the bezel for Breitling… and to be honest I am not sure how I feel about it. Its an ultra-clean looking bezel, which contrasts with Breitling style in general which tends to the busy side. I commend them for doing something different but I don’t think it fits with the brand.


The ultimate sports model for women

Breitling treats feminine wrists to a new model from its Galactic line featuring a slimmer case, tungsten carbide bezel and a chronometer-certified SuperQuartz™ movement. A true champion marrying style with performance.

Aude Lemordant, a Breitling partner and Acrobatic pilot who is also a commercial Boeing 777 pilot has just won her second consecutive World Aerobatics Championship! Breitling continues to support and partner with passionate individuals in aviation that align with the direction of the brand.


Breitling is delighted to congratulate its partner, Aude Lemordant, on her magnificent victory at the FAI World Aerobatic Championships 2015 held in Châteauroux (France). The young Frenchwoman, who is also an airline pilot on Boeing 777, entered the world of aerobatic competitions in 2005 and rose swiftly through the ranks. Four-time French champion from 2011 to 2014, she was crowned World Champion in individual, freestyle and team categories during competitions that took place in Texas in 2013 – a feat she has just repeated this summer at the controls of her Extra 330SC sporting its personalized Breitling livery. With her 7,000 flying hours, her aerobatic feats and her professionalism as a long-haul airline pilot, Aude Lemordant perfectly embodies the entire aeronautical world – characterized by accomplishments, performance and a determination to transcend capabilities – of which Breitling is a longstanding privileged partner.

This is a bit of a fluff post since it really has nothing to do with watches so much as the crazy special treatment you get if you buy a Bespoke Mulliner Bentley Continental GT Speed… A complimentary ride in a Team Breitling Jet and a Breitling Chronomat 44 limited edition watch… very cool. But I had to post it because this photo is just way too awesome.


These seven gentlemen and their Breitling pilots look mighty happy about to enjoy the experience of a lifetime flying with guys. I am green with envy! Those are pretty sweet though.


From Breitling:

Breitling and Bentley unveiled the Bentley Continental GT Speed Breitling Jet Team Series at the Seattle Boeing Seafair Airshow. Owners of these bespoke Mulliner vehicles were presented keys to their seven cars in front of the seven jets by the matching jet pilot, and also received the corresponding Chronomat 44 Breitling Jet Team Limited Edition numbered timepiece. After seeing their cars for the first time, guests experienced a once-in-a-lifetime passenger flight in formation with the Breitling Jet Team high above the Seattle skyline.

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