The super-practical and robust SuperOcean M2000 toolwatch from Breitling gets a new small-batch limited edition in Blacksteel of only 250 pieces with the SuperOcean M2000 Blacksteel! This is a nice little rare gem that you won’t see on anyone else’s wrist. The claim to fame for this watch is the 2000m water resistance which allowing fully functional use of the chronograph pushers. This tech was carried over from the original Avenger Seawolf Chronograph which allowed use of the pushers down to 1000m.


From Breitling:

Dark (k)night of the oceans
The world’s only chronograph to be water-resistant and fully functional at a depth of 2,000 meters (6,600 ft), the Superocean Chronograph M2000 plunges into the abyss in an entirely black-clad limited series sporting a powerful technical look entirely on a par with its performance.

As well as mastering the skies, Breitling has also played a premier role in the conquest of great depths by developing outstanding instruments for diving professionals. Witness the Superocean Chronograph M2000 equipped with an exclusive magnetic pushpiece system. This patented device enables the chronograph controls to be handled via the metal of the case, making this model the world’s only chronograph to be water-resistant and entirely functional to the fabulous depth of 2,000 meters (6,600 ft), without any risk of water seeping in. Already available in a polished steel version, the Superocean Chronograph M2000 now appears in a 250-piece limited series featuring a satin-brushed steel case with a black color achieved by a high-resistance carbon-based treatment. The matching dial ensures optimal readability with oversized hands and hour-markers accentuated by a luminescent coating. The black rubber-molded unidirectional ratcheted rotating bezel guarantees an excellent grip. The sturdy case, equipped with a built-in decompression valve to vent helium, is fitted with a 4 mm thick glareproofed sapphire crystal. The SuperQuartz™ movement, chronometer-certified by the COSC (Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute) ensures a degree of precision ten times higher than that of ordinary quartz. The Superocean Chronograph M2000 Blacksteel is equipped with an exclusive white-edged black leather strap. A true champion shining in the utter darkness of the ocean depths.

Following the Asian Tour (2013), the largest professional civilian aerobatics team flying on jets is making its first appearance on the American continent for a grand tour that will take it all over the United States as well as Canada. An opportunity to fly high the Breitling colors.


The very successful launch of the Avenger Blackbird, the Black annodized titanium Avenger in a massive 48mm case, has prompted the release of a 44mm sized version dubbed the Avenger Blackbird 44. This provides a more real-life sized version of the very cool black titanium watch.


On black titanium wings
Within just a few months, the Avenger Blackbird has proved a hit among fans of ultra-technical instruments. It continues its winning ways in a new version with a smaller diameter but an equally original and forceful design.

From Breitling’s continued partnership with John Travolta, comes this cool video featurette with John Travolta flying a jet, and checking out the North American X-15 rocket-plane.


Two flying legends in the Breitling sky
Global star, seasoned pilot and aviation aficionado, John Travolta has been flying the Breitling banner for more than 10 years. For the new 2015 campaign advertisement, the privileged partner of aeronautics professionals depicts him alongside another flying legend, the North American X-15, exceptionally loaned by the Air Force Flight Test Museum from its base at Edwards, California. During the 1960s, this experimental rocket-plane made nearly 200 flights, pushing the limits of aeronautics and opening the door to space, notably by setting two historical records: one for altitude in 1963, at 107,960 m, and the other for speed, at 7274 km/h (Mach 6.7). The photos for this new visual co-starring Travolta and the legendary X-15 were shot in California, on the runway of the famous Mojave Air and Space Port. They are a vivid tribute to the conquest of the skies, a grand adventure with which Breitling is closely linked through its reliable, accurate and innovative instruments.

Two new Breitling for Bentley watches have been released at Baselworld:
The Bentley GMT Light Body B04 Midnight Carbon and
The Bentley GMT Light Body B04 S

The Midnight Carbon features Black annodized Titanium and the S features regular titanium in a smaller size of 45mm, not that 45mm is small by any standard, but small compared to its 49mm brethren. Two very cool Breitling for Bentley Models added to the collection.


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