July 2009

I am awaiting my return flight home from Thailand and Hong Kong, and as most of you know, the amount of watch shops in Hong Kong is absolutely mindboggling. There are watch stores all over the place, on the streets, in the malls, and in the hotels. Each Mall has a minimum of half a dozen watch stores! I visited a few, and snaps a couple of pics, but nothing up close as I did not want to disturb the stores.

I am going to write up a small summary of my experiences in Thailand and HK. Keep posted! 🙂

Urwerk releases its newest watch, the Urkwerk King Cobra UR-CC1. The watch features a Linear Retrograde Jump Hour complication, linear retograde minutes complication and a standard seconds and date indication. The caliber is in-house developed over 3 years and called the UR-CC1. The case measures 45mm x 44mm so the watch sits very impressively on the wrist.

The Urwerk King Cobra will be limited to only 50 peices, and features a triple-cam design.

Just walked into the Maple Leaf executive lounge at Vancouver International Airport, and noticed for the first time that the clocks in the lounge are all Breitling! They have about 6-7 of them with different timezones, and they look very much like the Breitling Aircraft Clocks. I grabbed a random Aircraft clock photo off the net to give you guys an idea of what I’m talking about:


I would really love to get my grubby little hands on one of those clocks!!! Same as the ones I’ve seen in the Breitling dealers.

Any other airports with these types of clocks? I’ve seen non-instrument style Breitling clocks in European airports.

Well.. Just wanted to leave you guys a note to let you know I will be on Vacation! I will be on my honeymoon since I will be getting married tomorrow. I will be checking email on and off but will likely not be updating the site too much.

For any questions or anything of that sort.. please try out the forums if you have not used it before:

There is a new scam going around, and it seems that fake wire transfers are the new thing. This is unfortunate for us because wire transfers have always been the safe bet. I am not sure if this works across the country, but I can see how this would work from within Canada, as you could do it as long as it is the same bank.

What happens if the buyer goes to your bank and does a deposit with a cheque into your account. The cheque comes from a bad account with no balance, and bounces after a few days… but when its deposited, you see the balance and ship the watch, by then its too late.

Keep your eyes peeled, gentlemen!

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