Quartz & Multifunction

I also posted a new video review of the AVI-8 Hawker Hunter, a quartz chronograph from AVI-8. Featuring aviation inspired styling and solid build quality.

Well, it was time to say goodbye to my trusty old Casio G-Shock, which I sold for a few bucks on Timezone. Here’s the old G-Shock:

It was a trusty watch, and always worked well. However, it didnt’ have any special features besides a Chronograph, Alarm and Timer. I wanted something a bit more high-tech, and the Suunto Core fit the bill exactly. I avoided the more fancy models like the Suunto Elementums, but I really like the all plastic and rubber Suunto Core. Doesn’t hurt that it looks great too! Makes me feel pro when I wear it with the Barometer graph on the main face!

I’m pretty darn happy with my Suunto. I think I will pick up one of the lugged straps and install that eventually. They are not cheap at $60US + Shipping, but I think it would add some appeal to the watch.

I should add that I am not very familiar with the multitude of Quartz multifunction watches out there, and only briefly looked at some Casio Pathfinder watches along with the more subdued styling of the Suuntos. I found most Suunto’s rather ugly except the Core line, and the Pathfinders were just a bit too flashy for me. I did like their Solar Polar feature, however. Would have liked to see that on the Suunto.