June 2008

As I rediscover my love for Panerai, it is through the PAM 250, which is quite a sporty looking Panny. The PAM250 Chrono Daylight looks quite a bit more modern than the Historic line offerings from Panerai. Very different than the Base models which Panerai is known for.


On the brushed stainless steel bezel is a Tachymeter scale, which goes further to create the somewhat sportier look of the watch. Pushers are discreetly integrated into the 44mm watch case and look very good, however my only complaint is that the lower pusher is difficult to push due to the Crown Lever covering it partially.

The shot above shows the quick change date mechnism that can be adjusted by pushing a pin into it. The instructions state that you can use the corner of the provided screwdriver, but I found that it did not go deep enough when I used mine. The Dial is a matte black which is typical of Panerai… very simple when compared to the likes of brands such as Breitling or Zenith. One nice feature of this dial is the luminous numbers on the subdials.

The second hand for the chronograph on this watch is interesting. While the rest of the hands are a matte black with Lume on them, the second hand for the chrono is a shiny silver metal color, in contrast the the brushed stainless that the rest of the watch has. I do not know why Panerai did that, but it seems an odd choice… having said that.. it does not seem too out of place.

As you can see, the strap is held in with the usual Panerai screw pins. The strap provided with this model is the Black Croco on Deployant, with an extra Rubber strap.

I feel that the size fits my sub 7″ wrist perfectly, and highly recommend this watch to anyone interested in a slightly more complicated Panerai, that isn’t necessarily interested in their historic models.

Some of you might be familiar with this brand, but I would hazard a guess than most of you are not. Rama Swiss is a luxury brand of Swiss made mechanical watches who’s signature is a unique crown that pops out and turns into a miniature crank to turn the hands. Rama Swiss is not a new company; they have been around since 1914 producing high quality wristwatches. For the uniqueness of the designs, the watches seem to be priced very reasonably. Both models below retail around $3000-5000US in steel.

A couple of their unique peices include the Nazca:

And the Outland:

Very cool watches with very unique and masculine styles. I am very interested in picking up something from them when I can get a chance to see them in person!

I recently posted a new Video review of the Breitling for Bentley Motors T watch with a black dial. Almost identical to the regular Motors, this watch has a different engine turned bezel and a two-tone polished and brushed finish to the case and bracelet. Oddly, this bracelet costs slightly more than the fully polished one on the Breitling for Bentley Motors.

Enjoy the video 🙂

I wrote a new article on some of the differences between the good fakes and the real Breitlings. Not a super intensive definitive guide on a model-to-model basis, but rather a general guide as to what to look for and where the fakes falter.

I included some pics to illustrate the differences.. I hope you enjoy the article!


I posted a Video review of the Cartier Roadster a couple weeks back, but did not get a chance to post it on here as I have been busy moving! Now that I have started settling back in I am catching up a bit on the posts. This Cartier Roadster was a surprisingly nice watch, and I liked it a lot more than I thought it would. My dad likes this Cartier so much that he has it right now and has been wearing it for the last couple weeks.

The Cartier Roadster has very good attention to detail in the case design and a very innovative bracelet attachment system. A user commented on the video that you have to be careful when wearing the watch, and not to wear it to a club as it can come off. I don’t doubt it.. if the mechanism fails it would go flying! But otherwise it is a great watch.. I don’t think it is a huge concern as it seems quite secure – but as always, YMMV. Enjoy.

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