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New review of DaLuca Straps posted on our sister site PaneraiSource. Two very nice straps including a 22mm Swiss Ammo leather strap that is just amazing. Love those ammo straps!

I posted about BreitlingSource’s Partnership with Govberg Watch Repair several months back, and decided it was time to follow-up to let you guys know that we’ve done lots of servicing for the Breitling community and have had fantastic results. Several members have told me they’ve had a great experience with Govberg’s, being both an Authorized Breitling dealer as well as a Service Center that repairs all brands of Swiss Watches.

If you have need of some servicing needs and haven’t had a chance to contact Govberg’s watch repair division, please go to our Govberg Watch Repair Email Form and fill it out, and someone from Govberg will contact you with a quote. There is also an extensive FAQ with some pointers on how much they charge and what they service and what kind of time it takes.

Here’s a short testimonial from a satisfied customer:
“I just received my watch back and it looks and runs great. Order placement and tracking was easy, service was top-notch. I was kept informed throughout the process and each step happened just as expected. No surprises or complications. Would use the service again.”
-Bruce from Matawan, NJ

Christopher Ward, a British maker of affordable watches, launches their unlicensed tribute to James Bond’s 50th Annviersary and new movie, Skyfall. We all know that this right belongs to Omega, but that didn’t stop Christopher Ward from jumping on the gravy train!

The watch is dubbed the C60 Trident-PRO Automatic SKBRG22, and looks like a Rolex Submariner Homage. The watch features an automatic Selitta SW200-1 movement and is mounted on a Striped nato strap. Watch is Swiss made and will be priced at £350.

With gadgets becoming ever smaller, the watch market has taken an interesting turn: A large number of used luxury wristwatches are available at a fraction of the original cost. This purchase, however, is not without its pitfalls. So before you run out and buy one of those pre owned watches, consider these following tips:

Research: Do your homework. Know what functions you want and which watches have them. If you just buy on a name, like Rolex, you’ll likely pay too much, and end up with a watch that doesn’t suit you as well as it should.

Reputable Dealer: The lowest price isn’t always the best purchase. A reputable dealer will likely cost a little more, but it’ll come with confidence. Reputable dealers don’t sell fakes, and they replace or refund broken watches.

Warranty or Guarantee: Avoid watches that do not include a guarantee or warranty. Even reputable dealers sell watches “as is,” but the consumer that can afford this kind of risk is better off buying a new watch anyway.

Documentation: Pre-owned luxury watches typically come with documents that detail the ownership history, the servicing history and any relevant historical documentation. Be wary of any luxury watches that do not.

Extra Benefits: Many jewelers and watch vendors include free benefits when they sell their most valuable pre-owned watches. These benefits often include lifetime care, maintenance and polishing, but not repair or batteries.

Fake Watches: If you have any doubt at all that the watch you’re buying is the real deal, stop. Bring in an expert assessor if need be. Counterfeit luxury watches are prevalent, and extremely difficult for the non-expert to detect.

I cracked open my Suunto Core and swapped out the battery myself. Had a few Criticisms on Youtube about touching the battery terminals.. some say it affects the contact, and others say you drain the cell. I have handled a lot of batteries before, but not really those mini flat cells and have never had a problem with discharge from touching the terminals, but they probably hold a lot less. If that’s a concern for you, use plastic tweezers to put the battery in. I didn’t, maybe those will be my famous last words! Anyway.. the point of the video is to let you know how easy it is.

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