January 2008

Check out my latest video review on the Breitling Super Avenger behemoth watch… the big 48mm+ Watch live on video!

Some say it is tacky and overdone, but I like it. Its still a bit big for me to be wearing every day but I think its someting that can be pulled off. Definately has overtaken the Chronomat Evo as the most popular Breitling in my opinion. Even the AD’s I’ve visited have said that.

Breitling has released a new model: The SuperOcean Heritage Chrono. Based on the 46mm SuperOcean Heritage, this model contains a caliber 13 movement, based on the Valjoux 7750. Watch comes on the Ocean Racer strap or Ocean Classic bracelet.


Chronograph Movement, with Date, and available in the Black, Blue and Bronze.

Check out more info on the SuperOcean Heritage Chronograph on my site.

Panerai has truly evolved as a watch company, in only 15 short years since the rebirth of the brand, the watchmaker has managed to become one of the hottest brands in swiss made men’s watches. They have also released a new line of manufacture movements, making Panerai officially a watch manufacture.

I’ve been reading a bit about Panerai lately, because the brand interests me. And since the new Panerai has only been around since 1993, the amount of information is manageable. For Panerai lovers, this is all old new.. but Panerai has a whole new host of models out now and four Calibers that were released in around 2006.

Here is a wonderful Panerai video showing the construction of the Caliber P2002 movement from Panerai. A fantastic 8 Day movement with three barrels.

Here is a quick overview of all the movements that are produced by Panerai In-House:

Caliber P2002
Eight-Day Power Reserve
Manual Winding
GMT Complication
Power Reserve Indicator
Three Spring Barrels
245 Parts

Caliber P2003
Ten-Day Power Reserve
Automatic Winding
GMT Complication
Power Reserve Indicator
Three Spring Barrels
281 Parts

Caliber P2004
Eight-Day Power Reserve
Manual Winding
GMT Complication
Power Reserve Indicator
Column Wheel Chronograph With 1 Pusher
Three Spring Barrels
333 Parts

Caliber P2005
Six-Day Power Reserve
Manual Winding
GMT Complication
Power Reserve Indicator On Back
30 Second Tourbillon Escapement
Three Spring Barrels
243 Parts

And here is a shot of the Limited Edition Panerai Luminor 1950 Tourbillon (Caliber P2005), very large at 47mm, and very expensive at 79,000 Euros:


There have been three types of lumes that have been used on watch dials to enable reading the time in the dark. These include Super-LumiNova, Tritium and Tritium Tubes (Trasers). Nowadays, pretty much all watches use SuperLuminova or Trasers. Some watches have the marking “T – Swiss Made – T” to indicate Tritium, and “L – Swiss Made – L” to indicate Super-LumiNova on the dial.

Also called photo-luminescent pigment, Luminova needs to be charged by light in order to glow. It is non-radioactive and slowly decreases in brightness throughout the night until it is recharged with more light. All modern watches use Super-Luminova aside from the ones that use Tritium Tubes.

Tritium is a radioactive isotope of Hydrogen, and is no longer used on watch dials due to it’s radioactivity. Tritum glows without the need to be recharged and will slowly decrease in luminosity over time. This takes many (5+) years.

These are glass tubes filled with Tritium Gas and with the inside of the tube coated with phosphor to create the color of the glow. They come in many different colors such as Orange, Blue, Green and Red. The Tritium Gas is sealed within the glass tube so though they are radioactive, they do not emit any radiation. Trasers typically glow for 10-20 years. Ball and Luminox are two Swiss watch companies that use Trasers extensively in their watches.

And now, here are some cool Lume shots for you to check out! Notice the larger lumed areas make the watch easier to read, and also last longer. Couldn’t find any shots of Tritium… but got lots of Luminova and a Traser.

Rolex Submariner

Omega Seamaster

Omega Seamaster ChronoDiver

Ball EMII Diver

Fortis B-42

Breitling SuperOcean

Breitling B-1 with Backlight

The star of the movie “War” with Jason Stratham is now wearing a new watch…


Surprisingly, its not a “tough” watch, chunky like a Breitling or an Omega, which is almost cliche these days… no it’s not. Jet Li is a man with class, not your typical Martial Arts tough guy. A classy, not-at-all-understated watch for the Bruce Lee of the new Millenium: A Piaget Polo


Beautiful watch with plenty of class, and 5.5 carats of diamonds to boot! This puppy retails at around $33,400. A fairly understated watch running a Piaget 504P In-House Movement.

Piaget Polo Mens Watch
18K Solid White Gold Case & Bracelet
Diamond Hour Markers set with Diamonds (5.5 ct).
Diameter: 38mm
Water Resistant to 30M.
Dial: Silver
Movement: Piaget 504P Automatic
Jewels: 26 jewels
Power Reserve: 40 Hours
Beats: 21600 vph
Date: Displayed at 6 o’clock

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