Sarpaneva Watches

I’ve blogged about Sarpaneva watches before, because they are just so awesome. I love their look and character. The Sarpaneva Korona K0 is another very cool looking watch from Finnish watchmaker Stepan Sarpaneva, with every piece handmade by Stepan himself – talk about a small shop!

At any rate, very killer looking stuff.

Modified Soprod A10 calibre
The movement’s mainplate is modified to incorporate the diver’s timer ring
25 jewels
42-hour power reserve

Stainless Steel, 46 mm in diameter, 11.2 mm thick
2.5mm Sapphire Crystal
300m Water Resistance

Finnish Watchmaker Sarpaneva put a funny image out of one of their watches for the holidays. I’m not sure if its a Piece Unique or if its just a fun gag they did for the festive season – my guess is that its just for fun since it seems somewhat too crude for a final product but I could be wrong!

The original watch is the Korona Moonshine released earlier this month:

The Korona Moonshine features a modified Soprod A-10 automatic. There is no minute hand, just a disc that rotates around with the hour and some segments in-between for you to determine roughly which part of the hour it is. For this watch, telling the time is secondary to the huge moon face that graces the dial.

The Korona case is 42mm in diameter with 50m water resistance.

Stepan Sarpaneva is a Finnish watchmaker with a long history of craftsmanship in his family, and brings his beautifully crafted watches in very small limited batches to Watch aficionados around the world. I have recently discovered his watches and have decided one of his pieces may have to be my new grail. In fact, the sold out limited edition Sarpaneva K2 Korona and K3 Korona would be amazing watches that I would love to own.

Like his website states, Sarpaneva Watches are not for everyone. They are exceptional timepieces intended for exceptional people. I figure that’s as good as an invitation for me to own one!

Just wanted to share some pictures of these outstanding watches with you guys.