February 2010

Sellita launches their brand new SW500 Movement in time for Baselworld 2010. While Selitta has a reputation for somewhat inferior quality movements based on ETA designs, they have certainly captured the hearts of budget Swiss Watch aficionados worldwide.

The ‘new’ SW500 movement is essentially a copy of the Valjoux 7750 movement, similar to how the SW200 is a copy of the ETA 2824. The specs for the movement are as follows:
-25 jewels
-42 hour power reserve

All of which are indentical to the ETA/Valjoux 7750. I’m sure we will see this movement become the new staple for entry level swiss chronograph watches, just as the SW200 has become the new staple for non-chronos.

Ocean7 makes a very nice looking watch, and I greatly enjoyed the Ocean7 LM-6c I had while I owned it. Great hunky-chunky look, and fantastic curved crystal. Lume was not the greatest, but I’m not really picky about Lume. The skeleton hands look pretty awesome on it too.

I owned it for quite a while, and then decided to sell it recently. I found out that when I bought the watch, the price was $1599, and then now the watch sells for $899, direct from Ocean7. For a company to drop the price so much is pretty drastic, and not much of a service to their customers. But, if that’s how they want to do things, I guess that’s that.

The Ocean7 uses a Valjoux 7750 movement, likely not modifed at all. It is completely swiss made with your typical 316L stainless steel case and Sapphire Crystal. Water resistant to 500m. Its a big watch at 44mm, with 24mm Lug width and includes both the steel bracelet and the strap. Overall a very nice watch for a very reasonable price, especially since the price reduction.

One of the new models from Basel that I am excited about is the Eterna Madison 8 Days Spherodrive. I have had a soft spot for Eterna watches for a long time, and my small collection of Eternas is evidence of that. I have been impressed with the companies creation of new in-house movements (They did create ETA, after all), and have used their signature ball bearing innovation to make the Spherodrive.

The new Eterna Madision 8 Days Spherodrive uses their handwound caliber 3510, and the watch measures 53mm x 38mm, a very healthy size. Its also a beautiful dial and movement, with all screws and screw holes and edges beveled from what it looks like.

With Baselworld 2010 just over a month away (Mar 18-25), watch fever has hit a lot of the forums with hot discussion on what the new models will be, spurred by the pre-release materials that various watch companys have released to the public.

Watch brands that will be featured at Baselword include Rolex, Breitling, Longines, Hamilton, Harry Winston, Epos, Ulysse Nardin and Omega among many others.

As some of you may know, the Breitling Colt GMT+, while released quite a while ago, is now being shipped on an Integrated Rubber strap. With the growing trend of Rubber straps, its not surprising to see more and more watches available with the options. Check out the pics: