September 2013

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To commemorate and inform buyers of the new(ish) case from Panerai, they have launched a storyline-style website with some cool history and information on the 1940’s style Radiomir case. This case from Panerai is an interesting shape and looks very cool. Enjoy the new site and the video that was released earlier this year on the 1940’s Radiomir Case.


Around the 1940’s the Panerai workshops in Florence perfected a new case, designed to meet to the increasingly demanding requirements of the underwater commandos of the Italian Navy. The case was a development of the one presented in 1936 that is today known as the Radiomir – a term which originally described the luminous material patented by Panerai to make the dial luminous – and it incorporates some innovations designed to make its construction even more solid and resistant.

So the Radiomir 1940 was born.

See the story and website here:

Breitling celebrates the 50th anniversary of the world’s fastest motorsport

A specialist of pilot’s watches and a privileged partner of aviation, Breitling is the main sponsor of the famous Reno Air Races, one of the biggest aeronautical events on the planet. The brand also offers the general public a free game for mobile platforms providing a chance to experience all the sensations of high-speed racing on a smartphone or tablet. Thrills guaranteed!


Created in 1964, the Reno Air Races are celebrating in 2013 half a century of performance, excitement and breathtaking sights. Each year, in September, hundreds of thousands of spectators converge on the Nevada desert to admire the famous “pylon” races in which planes are flown just a few feet off the ground at speeds of more than 500 mph.

As the main sponsor of the event, Breitling actively supports this combination of daring and precision, freedom and control that takes aviation to the frontiers of possibility.

To enable the many enthusiasts of fast-paced feats to experience the excitement of the Reno races, Breitling also offers an incredible online air racing game available for free download on iOS (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad) and Android – and optimized for all the latest versions of these platforms.

By taking the controls of the (entirely customizable) plane of their choice, participants can all discover – whether in a multiplayer race or a solo challenge – the extraordinary experience of piloting a plane at Reno while following the famous motto Fly low, fly fast, turn left. Featuring stunning full 3D graphics, the Breitling Reno Air Races game provides a lifelike reconstitution of the formidable pylon races and an authentic immersion into this extreme world with its vivid colors, roaring engines, fierce competition and pulsating performances.

The 50th edition of the Reno Air Races, scheduled from September 11th to 15th 2013, will once again draw the world’s elite pilots including Breitling friend Thom Richard, in his legendary Precious Metal. The event will also feature a spectacular flight by Yves “Jetman” Rossy, the world’s first jet-powered man and another eminent member of the Breitling fleet.

It was only November of last year that David Beckham was named the face of Breitling Transocean Line, and now he is the face of the Breitling for Bentley line. One of Brittain’s most recognizable and stylish celebrities, he does appear to be a good fit for the Breitling for Bentley Brand. He certainly exudes all the style and attitude that one would associate with the Bentley Brand. In fact, he looks like 007 with extra attitude in this new photoshoot – Daniel Craig watch out.


The British celebrity is the watch brand’s ambassador across all continents and stars in its new advertising campaign through a powerful visual reflecting this world of its own.

Since its launch in 2003, the collection of Breitling for Bentley chronographs has matched exceptional mechanisms with quintessential British style. The essence of Britain. Made in Switzerland by Breitling. No one was better placed to embody this inimitable blend of elegance and luxury, originality and true class than David Beckham, the icon who has become the ultimate symbol of British style.

The star notably appears in the visual of the new advert shot in the Californian desert by Anthony Mandler. This dark, original and striking portrait reflects the entire Breitling for Bentley spirit. “My aim was to make Beckham a hero: a strong, masculine figure”, comments the famous American photographer. “I wanted to take the strongest elements of Breitling communication and associate them with the strongest aspects of David’s image and personality.”

Destined for the long haul, the partnership between Breitling for Bentley and David Beckham is based on a long-established mutual admiration. “I was among the first to acquire a Breitling for Bentley chronograph”, says Beckham. “I love the combination of a high-performance ‘engine’ reflecting Swiss excellence and a powerful design. I have been a long time admirer of Breitling and its heritage.”

A video review of one of Retrowerk’s Steampunk inspired timepieces, featuring a Swiss ETA 2824 automatic movement and a bronze finished case and piston driven crown protector. This is definately a watch that stands out in the crowd, but might stand out too much for some. Hope you guys enjoy the video!