February 2007

There are two new models being unveiled midway through the 2007 model year… the Breitling for Bentley Flying B Chrono and the Aeromarine Avenger Skyland.

Release date is unconfirmed as of yet, but these two watches will be out some time this year. Base movements and Caliber is unconfirmed as well. The Avenger Skyland is a Stainless watch built on the Avenger platform and should be a really nice one.

Check it out:
Flying B Chrono

Breitling Avenger Skyland

One question that always gets asked a lot is “When was my Breitling made?”. Well now with the newer Breitlings dated to around 2003-2004, they all have the manufacture week stamped between the lugs, and metal bracelets have had manufacture dates stamped on them since the mid-90’s. Check out some of that info here:


 If your watch has leather, and is older than 2004, then you will have to guess based on the features. Looking up your model on the model list at the Breitling Source is a good idea. Asking on the forums is never a bad idea either!

Here is an example of the date appearing between the lugs of a SuperOcean Steelfish:

Case Date

Until next time! Good watch hoarding!

This is my first post, but will definately not be my last. I’m hoping to have weekly watch reviews and thoughts posted about all sorts of watches, not just Breitling. Breitlings are my passion, but sometimes I can’t afford to buy a new Breitling every week!

 Throughout my adventures I will tell you guys all about the Invictas, and other types of watches out there that I’ve picked up along the way. Hopefully you’ll enjoy what I have to offer! Until then, check out my website at http://www.breitlingsource.com