For Christmas in 2008, I decided to get my Fiance (Girlfriend at the time) a Tiffany watch, but wasn’t really into the newer styles that Tiffany had made for ladies. I wanted a classic style, and did not want to pay typical exorbitant Tiffany pricing, so I searched online.

I stumbled upon this Men’s tank-style watch which now seems an acceptable size for women, and promptly purchased it for my Girlfriend. Turns out there was extensive damage to the caseback where a previous owner gouged out an engraving, at least that is my guess. Also there was much debris in the dial which I had to clean out. I finally buffed and polished the watch and it was looking like new, aside from the caseback which would never be completely restored.

I really liked the final outcome and my fiance loves it as well. Here is a short video review of the watch, enjoy!

Looks like Tiffany & Co has joined up with Nicholas G Hayek and company to have their watches built by the Swiss Watch Giant. This would appear to be a smart for both companies, as having the Swatch Group handle Tiffany and Co watches will improve their quality and desirability on the market.

Tiffany makes great jewelry, now maybe they will start making some WIS worthy timepeices as well!