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Just reviewed a brand new strap from Aaron Pimentel of Combat Straps based out of Canada. He does some very good work with some interesting exotic hides such as Toad and Tilapia, but this review here is on a John Lobb (yes, the same John Lobb that makes bespoke shoes in London) Grey Sueded leather strap. Very nice work and I am extremely happy with it. Check out the full review on PaneraiSource: Combat-Straps Review.


I have posted a new Strap Review on of Atelier Du Cuir’s Leather Zulu Strap. Fantastic Zulu strap, probably one of the best that I’ve ever experienced. These are great Italian Leather straps, superbly crafted and priced affordably at $55. I was very impressed – take a look at the full review below:

Atelier Du Cuir

Their current only web presence is on Etsy, where they have some other interesting Leather goods:

Been wanting one of these for a while and finally snagged a couple from DaLuca straps. These are great on Panerais as well as pilot watches I think. I picked up one in 24mm and one in 22mm. These ones are amazing and smell fantastic since their made from the highest quality Horween Shell Cordovan. I love the feel of the Shell Cordovan leather and these are also very well made to boot. Great Natos from DaLuca. Check out the PaneraiSource link before to see my full review.

NATO Straps

Review here:

I’ve been busy growing my collection of aftermarket straps for Panerai (and really any other 24-26mm lug width watches) and I have several new ones to report of in this video. Some very new and interesting pieces including a DaLuca Nato in Horween Shell Cordovan, and some new strapmaking companies that you may not have heard of yet.

See a complete list of written reviews on Paneraisource here:

I realized I forgot to upload Straps video #2 to Youtube, so I just did that too! You get a two for one today:

Many of you guys know that I am a sucker for a good PAM Strap, and now that I’ve got a Bell & Ross, I’m a sucker for a good B&R strap too! The thing is, more so than any other watches out there, Panerai and Bell & Ross are characterized by their straps. Without a good strap, the watch just doesn’t look as good as it should.

One of my recent acquisitions is a French Ammo Canvas strap by Micah of Vintagerstraps. I reviewed this recently on Paneraisource, and it is certainly worth a look if you are interested in something different:

The French Ammo Pouch Canvas is mounted on a medium-soft leather backing and looks amazing. I have to say this is one of the most fun straps I’ve worn in a while. Micah is a true artist.

Below is a strap by one of the most creative minds in modern strapmaking today: Shane Delaurian. This one is one of his tamer models, the Easy Rider. The tale is folded over on this model, which gives the strap a subtle uniqueness to it. Something about old school leatherworking gives these straps tons of personality and makes them a joy to wear.

Shane’s straps are always hand-signed on the back or the side of the strap!

This last one here is one from the famous ABP-Paris, which is considered the finest aftermarket strapmaker on the planet. They do custom EVERYTHING, and make Aftermarket OEM replacements for nearly every single watch available. A great choice if you’re having trouble finding a strap for a watch with odd lugs. ABP straps will cost you, however – a typicaly strap costs around $350-500.

Mounted happily on a Panerai PAM90. I love my Panerai Straps!!

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