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In Case anyone was wondering about the various Gucci Straps that have shown up on eBay in the last year or so, I have posted a Gucci strap Review on Strapaholics.

There have been many styles of straps with exotic hides such as Ostrich and Crocodile and many basic Leather straps, most made by famous French strap maker Camille Fournet. I have purchased several of these straps and all have been incredible buys for the money. Not many places offer top quality French-made calf straps for $15 and Ostrich and Crocodile for $30-40!

Pic from Strapaholics Review:

I decided to start a new site called Strapaholics, since I have found myself gravitating more and more towards watch straps in recent years. At first, every single watch in my collection was on a bracelet, but lately, that number has become more like 50/50. Half my collection is watch straps now, and I want to bring strapmakers and strap collectors together now. I don’t want to just focus on Panerai Straps.. I want to focus on all sorts of straps… Everyone is welcome, come to the site and join the forum!!

I’ve been dying for a shell cordovan strap for a while… something about having horse-butt leather on a strap is appealing to me. Maybe its because Shell Cordovan has a unique look and sheen to it that leather does not.. or maybe its that it bends without ever making those micro-folds that leather always develops, or maybes its that it is more water-resistant than normal leather. At any rate, Shell Cordovan just has that mysterious coolness to it for me.

There aren’t too many companies that use shell cordovan to make watch straps and they always cost more… Nomos uses it for their watch straps, and there are a few other European companies that do as well. There is only one factory in the US that processes Shell Cordovan, and that’s Horween. Note: The material really does come from the butt-cheeks of a horse.

I ended up purchasing my shell cordovan strap from Europelli. Many of you who frequent Timezone know Europelli. They have a very broad range of straps for Panerai and many other types of watches. I picked up a 22/20mm Shell Cordovan to wear with my Graham Chronofighter, and it is great. I have to say that while it looks like leather to most, it is definately has a different feel to it and its own charm.

New Straps reviews have been posted at Paneraisource… some really nice straps have been posted. TWB – The Watch Boys, Zeugma, Strapluxe and a new Heroic18 review have been posted.

New reviews a continually being posted here, so keep your eyes peeled! Also look for updated reviews on older existing reviews as new straps are always being reviewed!

Paneraisource Aftermarket Strap Reviews

A little video I shot on Aftermarket Panerai Straps. I do a quick review of several of these straps, and talk about the different kinds available on the market. Aftermarket Panerai straps are a world of fun, and can be purchased second-hand or new. They are easy to sell and a great way to get some variety without breaking the bank, especially in these times.

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