Breitling launches a cool Black Steel SuperOcean 44, dubbed the Breitling Superocean 44 Special. This is a sweet piece of kit. It features a full ceramic bezel, unlike the ‘inset’ bezels that Omega is doing. I like this look and I think Breitling got this very right, similar to how Rolex got it right with the Daytona ceramic bezel. Now I’m not a huge fan of black steel because I don’t like how it wears over time, but it does look really awesome on this watch. Nice release from Breitling, though I think a superocean in forged carbon case would be the ultimate piece.


Superocean 44 Special

The ocean pilot
Black and white aviator-type watches ensuring excellent readability are well-known instruments and divers are now being treated to their very own “ocean pilot” featuring a black steel case, black ceramic bezel and a black dial bearing large luminescent indications enabling them to plunge safely to a depth of 1,000 m (3,300 ft). The art of combining originality and efficiency.

See it on Breitling’s Site.

Breitling re-releases the Navitimer Datora under a new moniker with a new larger size and regular Navitimer dial and limited to 1884 pieces – enter the Navitimer 1884. Gone are the inner red ring that was common to the Montbrillant line, but the same Breitling 21 movement survives along with a (slightly) cleaner Navitimer dial. Not an extremely interesting release from Breitling, but solid and brings back the month/day/date complication in the Breitling 21 movement.



Perhaps the most notable release from Breitling at Baselworld 2016 is the new SuperOcean Heritage Chronoworks®. The watch features Breitling’s first Ceramic case and Breitling’s new Chronoworks division’s creation – the B01 Chronoworks Movement. The movement features five improvements from the standard B01 movement that allow it to gain power reserve from 70 hours to 100 hours. These improvements include Ceramic Base plate and bridges, silicon wheels, lever and escape wheel, variable inertia balance wheel, seconds pinion with elastic toothing resulting in a lubricant and jewel free design that increases the power reserve by 30 hours. Pretty incredible!


There’s no doubt that there is some impressive engineering and design done with the Chronoworks Movement. However, with all these new innovations from Breitling come a steep price tag. The watch is priced around $40,000 USD! Much higher than the usual price for a Breitling.. only time will see how well it fairs.

Chronoworks Video:

Here’s a glimpse at some of the new watches that Breitling revealed at Baselworld 2016. These pictures were taken by Dale Vito of Ace Jewellers in Amsterdam. Please see the full thread on the forum here: We’ll be posting full watch specs and details as they come in!

SuperOcean Chrono 42

SuperOcean (Really like this one)

Navitimer 1884 LE (Kind of a Datora Throwback here)

See some more pics here.

Breitling for Bentley Launches the Bentley GMT B04 S Carbon Body watch, featuring a “super sturdy” case machined out of carbon fiber resin. This is not to be confused with their Midnight Carbon cases which are Blacksteel. These are lightweight pieces with racing-inspiring materials produced in a limited run of 250 watches.


The case has some incredible detail and texture due to the carbon material, which is pretty cool. I am curious how it will hold up over time in terms of water resistance since the case material would be more susceptible to torque and other pressures but it states a 100m water resistance. I have always wondered this about the AP Royal Oak Carbon cases as well.

From Breitling:
Issued in a 250-piece limited series, the Bentley GMT B04 S Carbon Body is distinguished by its resolutely sporty exterior. The carbon case is based on cutting-edge technology already used for the chassis of Formula 1 racing cars, but entirely novel in a watch. The dial is also made of carbon with a visibly woven structure. A fine tribute to Bentley’s motor-racing feats, both past and present. The dual timezone Manufacture Breitling Calibre B04 is distinguished by its unprecedented user-friendliness.

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