Breitling vintage-style Chronoliner gets re-vamping in Blacksteel, making it a much different looking watch. Its certainly not really looking like the Breitling Avi that it was modeled after, but has its own sense of personality, while inheriting some of that military stealthiness that seems to pervade every Breitling model that is coming out these days.


From Breitling:
Black firmly at the controls
The Chronoliner by Breitling is ready for takeoff in a new version teaming its high-tech ceramic bezel with a black steel case, along with a matching dial and rubber strap. A technical and elegant uniform for the authentic flight captain’s watch.

In addition to watches like the Rolex Daytona and the Omega Speedmaster, the Navitimer from Breitling is without a doubt one of the greatest and most important chronographs of all time, given its rich history, rugged beauty, and synonymity with quality. While Breitling produces the Navitimer in wide range of different variants today, it’s worthwhile to look back at the origins of this pilot’s chronograph, to see where the brand’s designers are currently looking to for inspiration.


The Navitimer’s story begins in 1952, when Breitling manufactured a stainless steel chronograph, with a black dial that featured the emblem of the “Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association”, or as it’s more commonly known, the AOPA. Especially desirable early examples were powered by either the Venus 178 or the Valjoux 72 – both workhouse, manually wound chronograph movements.


These watches were effectively born out of a partnership between Breitling and the AOPA, since Breitling saw the sizeable interest for a professional pilot’s chronograph equipped with a number of useful scales surrounded by a slide rule bezel, and many members of the AOPA were among those interested. From then on, Breitling would continue to produce both functional and beautiful Navitimer pilot’s chronographs, that would be worn by tasteful collectors, and celebrated by professional pilots. Today, rare vintage Navitimer references will often sell for astonishing prices at auction.

Now knowing that the Navitimer is watch with a storied past, it’s nice to know to that as the brand has progressed through the years and evolved, they’ve still managed to channel the core DNA of what made some of their early watches so great. A watch that supports this notion perfectly is this one – the Ref. K13322 in brilliant 18K yellow gold. Even though this watch has a vertical stack of chronograph registers unlike what’s seen on classic 1950’s and 1960’s pieces, it maintains key details of the original watch, like the scientifically styled, highly legible numeral and scale font, along with the contrasting red accents, and iconic Breitling logo.


Breitling has also incorporated a number of modern conveniences into the watch’s movement, to give it a reliable and luxuriously hassle-free ownership experiences. These conveniences include a Swiss made automatic movement with a power reserve of up to 42 hours, and a date complication located just between the brand logo and model designation on the glossy dial at 3 o’clock. Pair all of that with a hand crafted crocodile strap, with a Breitling signed buckle in matching 18K yellow gold, and you’ve got an awfully good looking timepiece, backed by years of history and watchmaking tradition.

While collector’s tastes are beginning to diversify more and more in 2016’s watch market, you can never go wrong with a true legend of modern watchmaking, like the Navitimer. Such watches are sure to provide years of versatile wear and perpetual delight for generations to come. You really just can’t beat the classics, can you?


Author of this Article: Paul Altieri is the Founder and CEO of the popular pre-owned watch site Bob’s Watches.

Breitling continues the black trend with another Blacksteel release in the Avenger II Seawolf Blacksteel. This is a badass military style watch with a cool yellow dial. The yellow dial is a bit deeper than the previous yellow dials I have seen from Breitling and looks awesome against the blacksteel case. This puppy is limited to 1,000 pieces.


From Breitling:

3,000 meters under the sea

Water-resistant to the fabulous depth of 3,000 m (10,000 ft), the Avenger II Seawolf by Breitling combines performance and exclusivity in a 1,000-piece limited series with a black steel case and yellow dial. The new face of prowess.

Breitling has finally released their Navitimer 46 in Blacksteel, a move that I believe many were waiting for and expecting. This is just another step in Breitling bringing the black steel material to more and more pieces in the range. If you’ve been in a Breitling boutique lately, you’ll notice the growing trend of black watches in their line-up, and some of the limited editions are looking pretty incredible.


The legend turns black
A highly exclusive version of the large-size Navitimer, Breitling’s “Navitimer 46 Blacksteel” is distinguished by its all-black exterior, its two-counter dial, its black oscillating weight and its new strap featuring an aircraft tire-tread pattern.

See the model here:

Chronoliner Limited Series

An instrument in gold
With its timeless look and its triple timezone chronograph, the Chronoliner has asserted itself as the authentic flight captain’s watch. It offers a blend of luxury and performance in a red gold limited series that will appeal to aviation aficionados, whether in aircraft cockpits or cabins.


The Chronoliner Limited Edition is nice piece of kit and this 250 piece limited edition is presented in Red Gold and a Rubber Aero Classic strap.

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