A new model for the Breitling for Bentley line.. using the B55 Connected movement used in the Breitling Exospace B55. This cool new watch from Breitling for Bentley is named the Supersports B55 and is limited to 500 pieces and features a Titanium case and measures in at an imposing 46mm. Cool looking new watch for the Bentley Enthusiasts out there.

From Breitling:

A connected sportster
Created to celebrate the launch of the Bentley Continental Supersports, this 500-piece limited series is distinguished by its resolutely sporty appearance, with a sturdy and light titanium case framing a carbon fibre dial. Such exceptional bodywork deserved an equally exceptional engine and Breitling has duly equipped it with an exclusive version of its connected B55 electronic calibre enriched with functions tailor-made for the automobile universe. Thanks to a new connective philosophy in which the smartphone is dedicated to serving the watch, owners enjoy the full benefit of the phone’s optimal user friendliness when performing certain adjustments. Conversely, they can upload the results of certain measurements from the chronograph to the smartphone as well as receiving notifications. The two ultra-legible LCD (liquid crystal display) screens are equipped with a backlighting system that can be activated by pressing the crown or tilting the wrist – a welcome asset in the heat of the action. A compendium of performance, in tribute to the fastest Continental ever built.

Latest in the sleek, miliary styled Breitlings is the Chronospace Evo Night Mission. Badass to the bone – this watch makes me feel like Jason Statham, the Rock and Mark Wahlberg all at the same time while drop kicking bad guys and shooting them in the face with a machine gun all at the same time. True Mall Ninja Tactical right here.

Hitting the spot in blue and black
By appearing with a sturdy and light black titanium case framing a blue dial with tone-on-tone counters, the electronic Chronospace chronograph from Breitling adopts a strong and original new persona, while maintaining its sterling qualities as an instrument for professionals.

More info from Breitling here.

A cool limited edition Navitimer watch to look forward to in the coming months as the Breitling DC-3 begins its world tour. This is a cool journey and will be marked by a cool watch. Certain “privileged individuals” will be joining for certain legs of the flight it seems… wish I was so lucky!

From March to September 2017, the Breitling DC-3 will be doing a grand world tour in several stages, an amazing accomplishment for this legendary plane that will be celebrating its 77th birthday. The crew will not be alone in flying from one continent to the other, since a 500-piece Navitimer limited edition will also be onboard throughout the journey.

Check out the new limited editions DC-3 Navi:

Breitling, in its continuing quest to tactical-ize every watch in its inventory, has released the Breitling Emergency Night Mission. Looks pretty bad-ass actually… like a lot of the black-out models from Breitling lately. I just can’t bring myself to wear blackout watches because I am always worried about scratching them up! Hard to touch them up after that.


Emergency Night Mission

Reinforced security
The world’s first wristwatch with built-in dual frequency personal locator beacon is now issued in three special editions combining a black titanium case with orange or yellow accents, or a blue mother-of-pearl dial. Three original and powerful looks for this high-tech survival instrument.

Breitling has launched a new Special Edition of the Blacksteel Chronomat. Featuring a super bright yellow dial with black subdials, it creates a superb contrast against the blacksteel case. The strap features the same color scheme, and the style really seems to resonate with Breitling’s new design direction.


I personally like the style of the more traditional pieces like the Chronoliner and Navitimer, but these watches are pretty cool. I prefer the traditional styles because I find them more timeless – pun intended.

From Breitling:
An exceptional chronograph
A black steel case, yellow dial, tried and trusted sturdiness and a high-performance Breitling Manufacture movement: the Chronomat 44 Blacksteel Special Edition by Breitling is the epitome of boldness.

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