When I started seeing Linde Werdelin watches show up on Timezone, I was quite eager to learn more about them so checked out the website. I’d heard of the brand and saw a few of their pieces, but felt they were quite pricey for what they were… now that I see them trickle into the sub $5000 range, they are interesting ot me again.

The brand was created by Morten Linde and Jorn Werdelin, one a designer and the other the entrepreneur – a common story. They formed the brand in 2002, and their focus is absolutel precision in case design and execution. This is a rather stark difference to many who feel the craft of watchmaking is all in the movement. These fellows appreciate the movements, but also make no bones about the fact that they use relatively stock ETA movements.

They put an enormous amount of effort into creating their cases, spending as much time and energy perfecting the case as many watchmakers spend designing a movement.

The company has rock climbing and skiing instrument digital watches as well as videos on many of their pieces. The even have a graphic novel! Talk about unconventional.

At any rate.. really like the designs, and one of these days I can see myself picking up one of them.