April 2009

Wenger Swiss army has a watchmaker’s pocket knife they call the Minathor, which you may or may not know about. They are very cool with several tools that help adjust your watch bracelet, and open case backs and other little things. They are not cheap for a Wenger, and cost $90 plus shipping from IW Watch Magazine. It is definitely a cool little tool and nice little addition to the collection. Now if only Breitling’s promotional knives were made with these!

I have not seen many of these talked about on the forums so I figured it would be good to mention these to anyone that isn`t aware of them. The tools and functions include:

A. Large blade
B. Case-opener
C. Magnifying glass
D. Spring-bar tool
E. Small ruler, graduated in mm
F. Screwdriver No.0
G. Metal file
H. Corkscrew
I. Reamer
J. Flat head screwdriver with safety lock system (pat.)
K. Cap lifter
L. Wire Bender
M. Oil-pike
N. Fine tweezers
O. Tool holder
P. Toolbox with 14 numbered slots:

1. Pin-punch bit 1.2 mm
2. Pin-punch bit 0.80
3. Reserve Slot
4. Reamer for enlarging holes
5. Reserve Slot
6. Reserve Slot
7. Fine fork for spring bar tool
8. Screwdriver blade 1.2 mm
9. Screwdriver blade 0.80 mm
10. Round needle file
11. Reserve Slot
12. Reserve Slot
13. Reserve Slot
14. Phillips screwdriver bit 1.5 mm

Now that`s a lot of features!


A new brand has just been unveiled to us, all the way from France – Fabrication De Montres Normandes, or FDMN. FDMN is a watch manufacture from Brionne, France. Karsten Frasdorf is the master watchmaker behind the brand, and unfortunately most of the information is in French, so I cannot understand all of it.

They are beautiful watches and are all in-house handwound calibers, beating at 18,000 vph. The watches use a very unique large diameter screw balance that has exceptional accuracy. Not a lot of information is available on the watches as they have not been officially produced for public consumers yet, but soon! Until then, enjoy the photographs:

I picked up a Longines Master Collection GMT a while back here, and I have really enjoyed it. While many WIS “poo poo” the Longines (I learned to use this term today from a yutuber) because it isn’t quite a high-mech brand as some, it presents a very good value for your dollar, and a very nicely designed watch.


This is a full-sized Longines Master Collection watch, at 43mm. It is also quite thick, probably due to the ETA Valgranges A07.171 movement. The Valgranges movements are based on the Valjoux 7750 engine, so are very reliable and robust, and also thick. The case is very nicely crafted, and feels great on the wrist.


As you can see, this model has the 24hr GMT hand to indicate a second time zone. I just keep mine on the same time so I can tell if its AM or PM when I am resetting the watch after it’s been in the safe for a while. I like the look of the 4 central hands, all in blued steel. One complaint about the bracelet is that it does not have half-links and tends to be too loose or too tight on me.


Beautiful texturing on the dial, which is one of my favourite features of this watch. The Arabics are also beautifully lacquered on. The additional 24hr row of arabics adds a level of sophistication to the watch as well. The Master Collection is one of my favourite Longines designs… and I like quite a few of them.


In this photograph you can see the ETA Valgranges movement, and it’s similarity to the Valjoux 7750. This one is fully decorated with cote de geneve throughout the bridge and rotor, with perlage on the rest of the movement. It is quite a nice looking movement for this level of watch.

Here’s a video review of the beautiful and understated (for Breitling at least) Breitling for Bentley Mark VI. This is one of the classiest watchest that Breitling has ever made. Subtle Mother of Pearl indices, unique chronograph movement and heavy knurled platinum bezel all contribute to making this watch a very special peice. Enjoy the video 🙂

I’ve tried to compile the list here. Some of them are just solid gold limited editions of existing models which I haven’t bothered to list here. Database entries are incomplete and I will fill them up as the information becomes available.

Breitling Airwolf Raven – This model is the same as previous Airwolf with the addition of a Rubber bezel and rubber inserts on the pushpeices.

Breitling Skyracer Raven – Like the Airwolf Raven, this one is the same as previous Skyracers, with the addition of the Rubber Bezel and pushpeice inserts.

Breitling Colt GMT 2 – Brand new Colt GMT for the season! Integrated Professional 2 bracelet.

Breitling Chronomat B01 – This one needs no introduction… the brand new Chronomat with the B01 caliber in-house movement!

Chrono-matic 1461 – This appears to be a large 49mm Chrono-matic with the 1461 jours movement. This model is in gold.

Chrono-matic QP – This also looks to be a 49mm model as well, in gold with the QP full perpetual movement.

Breitling for Bentley 6.75 Speed – This looks very similar to the previous 6.75 with the addition of Chrome accenting around the subdials.

Breitling for Bentley Motors Speed – Like the 6.75 Speed, this looks very similar to the previous Motors with the addition of Chrome accenting around the subdials. I have seen photos of what appears to be a Motors T Speed as well.

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