Franck Muller put out a set of 4 complicated watches last year, dubbed the Aeternitas Mega series 1, 2, 3 and 4. The fourth watch is the one of interest here. With over 1200(!) parts this is one of the most complicated watches in existance.

Here is the list of impressive features:

  • Grand tourbillon
  • Grande and Petite Sonnerie Minute Repeater – Westminster Carillon Tune
  • Split-Seconds Chronograph
  • Eternal calendar
  • Equation of Time
  • Normal leap-year cycle
  • Indication of secular years
  • Moon phases
  • Day and Month
  • Retrograde Date
  • Day/Night/24 Hour Indicator
  • Two Additional Time-Zones

The Mega 4 comprises all the complications included in the first three, making it an extremely impressive peice of horology. This watch measures 40.8mm x 33.8mm with a width of 7.3 mm.