January 2008

The list of Celebrity Chefs that wear Breitling is quite long, and quite peculiar really. Breitling is first an aviation watch, not a chef watch. So why do so many Celeb Chef’s wear them? Possibly because they look so damn cool. 🙂 I suppose 5 chefs isn’t that many.. but there might be more. Aside from Rappers, I think celeb chef’s might be the highest per capita of Breitling wearers around!

The list now includes:
Ming Tsai – Ming is an American Chef with a show called Simply Ming
Ralph Pagano – Ralph Pagano is an up and coming chef that came runner up in the first Hell’s Kitchen Series
Antony Worrall-Thomson
Gordon Ramsay – Gordon is the head chef in the cooking reality show Hell’s Kitchen
James Martin – Yet Another Celeb Chef popular in the UK appearing on several BBC Cooking shows.

You might notice that on many of the sites you can see the chefs displaying their Breitling’s very prominently. In fact, Ming Tsai has a link and logo to Breitling’s own site. Perhaps he is a sponsored ambassador.

Wolfgang Puck wears a Panerai… but still shows he has a taste for unique watches.

I’m always looking to expanding that Breitling ambassador and celebrity list, so if you know of any that are missing, Let me know!


I’ve noticed that for the last year or two there have been a lot of Dealer clocks for sale on ebay, primarily Panerai, Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe are what I’ve seen, though the list is much longer than that. I’ve seen Breitling (And damn do I want one!), Blancpain, Tag Heuer, Jaeger LeCoultre and many, many others. My Question is this though: How do so many brand new dealer clocks end up on ebay and are always sold by some ebay company located in Canada?


And these clocks don’t go cheap.. anywhere from $400 to several thousand sometimes! And they are made of plastic usually. Some oddities always come up like Panerai Coffee table clocks as well. Really however, in the long run it is cheaper to buy lots of Panerai clocks than it is to buy lots of Panerai watches.. so maybe the asking price isn’t as high as one would think.


Still, they make neat additional items to supplement our watch collecting hobby and really allow us to personalize our homes and others spaces to reflect our interests! So next time you have $500 to spend if its not enough for a watch, it might be enough for a clock!

Happy New Year guys! We’ll kick this year off with a youtube video post of one of my rambling reviews of watches.. some informed, some not so much.. but either way they’re good fun.. right? 😉

This is a Solid Gold Rolex Day-Date model with Diamonds all over it. Nice watch.. looks good and really stands out on the wrist like a solid gold Rolex should. Cost a pretty penny too!

Check it!

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