Sometimes when scouring ebay or for sale listings in forums such as Timezone, you will notice that people are selling these “American Airlines” or “15th Airborne” Edition of Breitling watches.. Usually they are Chronomats, Aerospaces, or occasionally B-1’s or Navitimers.

Ever wonder how these custom dialed versions appear? Its nothing special… Breitling does not represent these organizations or companies in any way.. they are simply making custom dials for them at a cost.

Breitlings does custom dials for customers if they will make at least 50 of them.. and the cost of the custom dial is added onto the overall price. This can be done through a dealer, but the minimum of 50 is very strict. Usually these editions go for slightly more than the standard models, as there are collects out there willing to pay a premium on them.

Here are a couple of examples.. one is the Isreali 50th and the other is a Land Rover dial.