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One brand that I keep getting sucked in by, even though I rarely keep them for long periods is Tag Heuer. Every time a new model comes out, it usually appeals to be from a design standpoint and I decide that if I ever find one for a good deal I will buy it. Quite often I do, but then its a Catch and Release, and I am back to zero Tag Heuers in my collection.

Same is the story with this Caliber S. Liked it a lot, but its just not my kind of watch. Perhaps its the branding? Perhaps its the fact that its too pedestrian for this snobby watch collector. Granted I’m happy to wear Breitling and Rolex, so I couldn’t be that snobby.

Anyway, back to the TAG Heuer Caliber S:

As you can see, the one I picked up is a beautiful blue dialed example, complete with the applied semi-circle multi-purpose subdials. I really like the new applied dial accents that TAG has started to use in the last few years such as the Geneve-Striped examples on the Grand Carrera watches. Like all TAG Watches, and nearly every other high-end watch brands, the case is milled from a solid block of 316L Stainless Steel.

Those subdials are responsible for telling the date and the 100 of a second timing when in Chrongraph mode. Additionally, they also allow you to set the perpetual calendar that the watch has. This Hybrid “mechaquartz” movement from TAG Heuer is quite remarkable. It contains as many parts as most Automatic movements, in fact.

Unlike its younger brother, the Aquaracer Regatta, this Aquaracer has the push-button released bracelet clasp as opposed to the cheaper fliplock clasp. The larger 43mm diameter case is also much more impressive than the 41mm on the Regatta model.

Overall a great-looking watch that can be had for a song on some of the watch forums due to TAG Heuer’s somewhat tarnished image, especially with their Quartz watches. Since this watch is essentially a quartz watch, it does not maintain its value nearly as well as it’s Automatic counterparts, and can often be picked up for 1/3 of retail!

Word to the wise: Do not buy quartz watches new!

While I love the aesthetics of Tag Heuer’s new Automatic Chronograph, I still wonder why they have not spent more effort on creating a new in-house movement (UPDATE: Turns out the Caliber 1887 is indeed partially in-house, but whether it is 100% in-house is debatable). The new Aquaracer 500 line is fantastic in looks, but I am hoping that with all these new in-house designed calibers such as the Caliber S, the Caliber 360 and other experimental stuff that they do, why is there no true 100% in-house Chronograph or even a base movement for a brand that so closely associates themselves with timing and chronographs?

While Breitling was slow to the game, Tag is even slower. At any rate, they still design some very nice looking watches, and are still desired by the many out there as the gateway watch to the eventual Rolex.

Sounds like the guys at Tag are going to keep their relationship with Tiger “Woman-Eater” Woods. I don’t really have a comment positive or negative. I personally things its overly done and i’m sure there are plenty of other ambassadors and world icons that have committed adultery. Nobody’s perfect. But whatever. At least we know they’ll still have the Tiger Woods watches.

“The partnership with Tiger Woods will continue,” said Jean-Christophe Babin, President and CEO of TAG Heuer, “but we will downscale the use of his image in certain markets for a period of time, depending on his decision about returning to professional golf. We will continue to actively support the Tiger Woods Foundation”

I did a review on a Tag Heuer Formula 1 Chronotimer that I had briefly in my possession. This was actually a pretty neat watch and I liked the way it looked on my wrist, but I figured if I didn’t keep the Breitling B-1, why would I keep this one? I’d make the typical excuse of wearing it for sports, but I would either wear a Casio G-shock or one of my Lings. That’s just the way it is.

I’ve also had a soft spot for Tag Heuers, and they are really making a move to the Automatic Swiss watch market. Enjoy the video 🙂

Tag Heuer has a couple of new models coming out… both of which I am quite excited about indeed! I’ve always liked the Carerra, but thought it was a little bit small… now Tag has jumped on the big watch bandwagon (well, not THAT big) and released the new Grand Carerra and Grand Carrera Grande-Date. That’s a lot of Grand!

The Grand Carrera is a VERY nice watch, absolutely stunning dial with exposed steel with circular graining on it.. very nice. A large 43mm diameter COSC certified Chronometer… KILLER looks. I love it. Featurs a Tag Caliber 17RS and sells for a cool $4,495. This puppy will make a nice addition to my collection. Oh yes.. Dials in Black and Silver.

The Grand Carrera Grande-Date is ALSO nice.. in fact, nicer i think, but wish it had the 43mm instead of the 42.5mm that it has. This one has an additional color, Brown.. as shown. This guy has the Tag Caliber 8RS, and also has the really nice Applied Tag logo… starting to remind me of Breitling!!! But I love the exposed silver with circular graining on it!! I love it!! This one has a cool big date complication but no Chrono.. and adds a GMT indicator which is housed in a little window… NICE! This bad boy will set you back $3,495 at MSRP.

Both watches are Water resistant to 100m. Get ’em while they’re hot!

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