According to the Wall Street Journal, Vianney Halter’s New Deep Space Tourbillon is the most important watch of 2013. Priced at $170,000, this watch is one of the most amazing pieces of horological creativity that I have ever seen. Check out the WSJ’s video below on a bit of a background on Vianney Halter and how he came to become one of the most creative and well respected names in the Watch Industry today.


The tourbillon mechanism rotates on 3 axis or dimensions, and also tells time which encompasses our real world concepts of 3 dimensions and the fourth dimension of time.


General specs:
46mm Diameter
10mm Case Height, 20mm Including Domed Crystal
Case Material: Titanium


Video Link:!62A235B4-BF3A-4BA0-B500-21048E3B3C30