If you’re an Android or iPad user this is fantastic news! International Watch magazine is now accessible via the Flipboard app! This is great news for all watch people and will be great for getting more exposure to watches in general. Good news for everyone that is interested in watches!

Press Release:
Today, Fine Life Media announces a significant development in its digital strategy, as iW Magazine becomes the first publication in the watch category to have a dedicated channel on Flipboard. Positioned as the leading “social news
magazine,” Flipboard creates a personalized experience on iPhone, iPad and Android devices, amalgamating curated content from preeminent sources online with newsfeeds from social media accounts, blogs and more. The resultant user experience resembles flipping through the pages of a traditional magazine, with the intuitive ‘flip’ onscreen.

Published since 1989, iW Magazine is the definitive resource for watch-related matters, providing in-depth reports on all aspects of horology, from established Swiss watchmaking firms to independent horology houses, product reviews, technical stories, factory tours and more. iW’s specialized content is presented through a monthly print magazine, a comprehensive website – iWmagazine.com – and is now accessible through Flipboard’s specialized Style Channel.

iW Magazine’s Flipboard channel incorporates daily editorial features and news items crafted by a global team of wristwatch experts, a unique ‘Watch of the Day’ feature, and content derived from iWmagazine.com’s innovative ‘From The Source’ brand portal. ‘From The Source’ is iW’s realtime newsfeed, with direct reports from the elite brands in the watchmaking industry. The integration of this content on Flipboard enables to-the-minute updates from the world of horology to reach upwards of 20 million registered Flipboard users.

To date, Flipboard has received top accolades in digital technology, including Apple’s iPad App of the Year, one of TIME’s Top 50 Innovations, and the top social app at the 2012 Webby Awards. Fine Life Media’s president Danny Govberg, a Flipboard devotee, remarked, “Flipboard is the ideal platform for engagement, fundamentally addressing the relationship between print media, social media, and the blogosphere. As a niche publication, iW Magazine is extraordinarily honored by this partnership, and we look forward to expanding our enthusiast community through the
support of digital technology.”

To access iW Magazine’s dedicated channel on Flipboard, visit: http://flpbd.it/iw, or locate it within the Style Channel on Flipboard.