For those of you that don’t follow and the new reviews that are posted periodically, Here is a summary of some of the strap reviews I’ve posted recently. Also look for a few new ones coming soon!

Fransson Straps “Seven”
Fransson straps, based in Switzerland, has been making straps under the Kaktus brand for years until recently launching the spin-off company, Fransson. See this new factory manufactured strap from Fransson:

Dangerous 9 Straps SuperExotica
This is an incredible strap from Dangerous9, and is probably the highest end strap for Panerai I have ever owned. This strap has some incredible features and is very well made.

Saxon Verreno
Another company from Hong Kong, but this time moving towards more higher end product with hides sourced exlusively from Italy. These straps are well made and offer a slightly higher quality product with lots of added value.

Keep your eyes peeled for a couple more strap reviews upcoming from some new up and comers from Asia.