Just returned from Vacation, and its time to update the blog. Just came across a newish German watch company and they looked pretty interesting to me so I figured I would give them a mention on here. I’ve owned some Glashutte Original and recently picked up a Union Glashutte from when they still used GO movements and so I’m still quite a fan of the German watch companies.

Neuhaus Inventing Timepieces has been around since 2010 it appears, but I have not heard about them until now. They only have one model, the JANUS DoubleSpeed, which they claim to be the most accurate one-hand watch in the world. The watch is based on the ETA Unitas 6498 movement, and features a double-speed single hour hand, which makes it easier to tell the minutes. The drawback to this is that if the hour hand is at 3, it could be 9 – its up to you to know the difference.

Neat watch, with a well thought out design and details. Hopefully we will see more from Neuhaus. See the video below or visit their website here: http://www.neuhaus.com/