I have always liked having cool clocks on the wall at home, and having a home with lots of rooms, I require a plentiful amount of clocks to place in different rooms. Now, if I put Instrument clocks up on every wall, my wife would probably not appreciate it, but what I do in my office and den she really doesn’t care. I have several clocks in my den, one of which is one of these Trintec Industries Aviation Instrument clocks, and it is pretty cool.

Shown here are two of the coasters that came in the 6-coaster set as well as the 6″ clock, which is actually 6.5″. The Clock case that Trintec uses looks EXACTLY like those fake Bell & Ross dealer clocks I see on eBay. I bet those guys are using trintec Clocks to make them. Trintec makes a bunch of cool little aviation and marine instruments, as well as watches, which are less interesting to me. I am more interested in their accessories and clocks.

Here’s a close up of the 6″ clock, which retails for $29.95 on the Trinec website. The clock has no second hand, and thus no ticking sound.. which is nice. The watch also features a real glass lens, which is a nice feature. There are several different dial styles available that you can see on the website.

Here are the coasters, which come in a set of 6, with each one having a different pattern on it. Most of the coaster styles are available as clock dials as well. Trintec has some cool gadgets too.. but I only wanted the coasters are the larger 6″ wall clock. The 6″ refers to the lens size.. the actual clock is slightly bigger at 6.5″ as I had mentioned earler. All the clocks are made in Canada too, which is a plus.

Very cool stuff that would make a great inexpensive gift for that clock/watch/aviation enthusiast in your life.