I love making Youtube Watch review videos.. I think one of the best things about it is getting thank yous and other such positive comments and also some of the good questions that people ask me that require me to think. But I think my favourite thing about Youtube is people that ask me things like “What do you do for a living?” and other such questions. Not sure what the relevence is to the watches, because that’s what I’m here for. Not to discuss my day job.

Anyway.. today I just got the best comment, and this is why I love Youtube so much:
“Hi can you purchase more Rolex’s for review. Would love to watch you do one on the new Explorer II.”

Oh yes, right away. I will go buy a couple dozen more tomorrow so I can film some more reviews just for you!

I get that the guy likes my reviews and I appreciate that he wants to see more, but I’m not made of money. I can’t just go buy a watch that I don’t even want just so that he can decide if he wants to buy one. But I’d like to. If I were made of money I would! That’s how nice a guy I am 🙂