This year, I don’t think I’m getting any watches for Christmas from my family. I don’t usually, but its always nice to hope! I know my wife was planning to buy me a Rolex, until she realized how much the one I wanted would cost, so she decided to pass on that. Gotta watch the budget! So I’m wondering what everyone else out there bought for Christmas as far as watches? Did you guys buy one for yourself? Or one for a wife or girlfriend?

I decided I would get myself a watch! I sold a watch, and ended up trading for a watch I’ve been on the lookout for. Its not exactly what I wanted, since I wanted the Exploding numbers, but this is a nice conservative version in White Gold. Its a Franck Muller Casablanca 2852 in White Gold! This one features the vintage looking Havana dial, and an interesting manual winding movement.. so no Platinum Rotor here unfortunately. I don’t mind either way too much, since there is no date anyway. The watch likely uses a Pesseaux movement as a base. I guess I’ll find out soon enough!

So there she is, in all her glory. Hope its as nice as I think!