A limited edition Platinum version of the Glashutte Original Senator Chronometer Marine Chronometer has been released, in a limited edition production of 13 units. These sets include 13 limited production refurbished Marine Chronometer Clocks from the 1970’s that were discovered during preparations for opening the German Watch Museum in Glashutte.

Since this is one of my Grail Watches, a limited edition of 13 pieces in Platinum presented with a beautiful Marine Chronometer such as this was something I couldn’t mention. While all Glashutte watches are built to Chronometer specs and perform extremely accurately, the Senator Chronometer is the first Glashutte watch to actually be Chronometer certified.

Now that I have recently sold my GO Senator Sixties, I must seek to add a new Glashutte Original watch to my collection – which will it be? Not this one – as I doubt I can even come close to affording it!