September 2010

Finally, the long awaited (well at least it seemed that way from the comments I was getting) video review of my Graham Chronofighter watch. This is a cool watch with a neat Chronograph start/stop button that is operated from the large lever. No date, with a movement based on the Valjoux 7750. Many have criticized Graham for their excessive prices given the modified ETA movements, but they do make an interesting time piece. Enjoy the review!

I’ve always liked the UN Freak, and now the Ulysse Nardin Freak Diavolo Rolf 75 introduces more advancements in materials and technology of Haute Horology. The Freak Diavolo increases the amount of silicium used in the escapement from previous versions, and has an amazing power reserve of over 8 days. The biggest visual change of course is the flying tourbillon integrated with a seconds indicator with a bright yellow semi-circle scale.

Absolutely amazing and a worthy improvement to the Freak line of watches from Ulysse Nardin.

I recently purchased a Panerai Luminor GMT PAM 320, with the 12hr GMT hand, Seconds Reset and 3 Days in-house Caliber P.9001 movement. This watch is pretty much exactly what I was looking for, so my PAM 90 is now on the block. I realized I never really reviewed my PAM90, or talked about it on here. Now that its going to be sold, I should probably snap some photos and put them up here before its gone.

The PAM 90 has the standard modern 44mm Luminor case, with the straight sides, a bit less complicated than the 1950’s style cases that most of Panerai’s newer models have. I was really wanting one of the 1950’s cases, so I picked up the PAM320. The PAM90 is still a fantastic watch, and one of my favourite PAMs.

Most of these photos are taken with the watch in the box, since I took these photos to sell the watch! While I want to sell it, I don’t think I’d be heartbroken if I ended up keeping it either! The watch comes with the usual Screwdriver and Strap change tool. This one is a J series, from 2008. It does have the quick change strap bars, not the screw-in kind, which are much less desireable in my opinion. These spring loaded lugs are the best.

As with most polished PAM’s, the crown protector is polished, but the lever is brushed. I’m not sure why they do it this way, but that’s the way they do it. As this is a newer model, the lever has the little wheel on it as well. All nice little refinements that Panerai has worked into the models.

Funny that I’ve had this watch for two years and still never got around to writing up about it. I really enjoyed my two years with the PAM90, but I am even more happy with my 320, and expect to enjoy the 320 for another couple of years when I’m sure another Panerai will probably draw my attention. If you are not hung up about getting an in-house caliber from Panerai, the PAM90 is a fantastic choice with the offset power reserve indicator and sub-seconds.

Wow – A turquoise Doxa 1200T. I can’t decide quite yet whether I like this or not. Limited edition of 50 pieces!

Satin brushed sold stainless steel (316L). 44.60 mm in total length, 42.70 mm not including the crown, 44.50 mm including the crown. Water resistant to 1200 Meters with Helium Release Valve. Sapphire Crystal.

Its funny.. I bought this watch, and then sold it on Timezone to a well known TZer, who resold it at a large profit for himself I believe, since everyone has consequently been selling it around 50% more than I sold it to him for! But anyway, some you win, dimsum, you lose is what I say to that.

Now, I only sold it a few months ago in June, and it has gone to three different owners since that. Its a neat watch with a mechanical Alarm movement by A. Schild. I did not know the watch was called a Sportscape Alarm Automatic until I saw it posted as such on the sale forums of TZ. You learn a lot in those forums.

Its a nice 40mm size, mounted on a Bob Faux Crocodile strap. Works well with the watch. It came with the original Dunhill strap but was VERY worn out and I was unable to find a thin enough strap to use with the Dunhill folding deployant. I stuck the 20mm Bob strap on and it looked good enough for me! I noticed that the watch has subsequently been mounted on a genuine Croco strap by another owner.

Exhibition caseback shows off the A. Schild alarm movement, which is quite thick compared to usual movements. Its got a lot of depth in the bridges and the watch itself is also thicker because of this. Two springs need to be wound, one for the alarm and one for the time, similar to a Clock movement like the ones from Hermle. The chime is just kind of a buzzer and the watch buzzes on the wrist.

Didn’t take too many photos of this dunhill, but here’s a wrist shot to show the 40mm case on my 6 3/4″ wrist. It shows very well and doesn’t appear small at all to me. I quite enjoyed the watch while I had it, but too many other watches were calling my name so the Dunhill just had to be sold. While I do enjoy having an alarm complication due to it’s uniqueness, it wasn’t something I used and eventually lost its novelty. Otherwise, a very nice watch.

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