I’ve owned a U-Boat before, but to be quite honest, the ridiculous case size and somewhat un-matching straps were just not working for me in the end. The case quality in my opinion was decent, which many people in my forums did not agree with. They have improved their straps in the last year or so, as the ones I have seen are nicer now.

This new U-51 Rattrapante from U-Boat is quite interesting.. mixing in design cues from the Anonimo Professionale series of watches with the screwed-in bezel look. This bad boy is limited to 100 pieces and measures 51mm in diameter and a whopping 19mm thick. The movement is a base 7750 Valjoux modifed by Alfred Rochat. Decent enough, but has the typical lack of detail and finish ont he movement that cheapes U-Boat’s watches IMO.