I blogged about Orbita’s Customer Service before and how great it was, and one again, they are still coming through. Cheryl, who was the nice lady I dealt with before from Orbita, was the same one I dealt with last time when I emailed them about one of my motors failing. I emailed her again when my Uncle was interested in purchasing one of the Red Sparta Executive Winders on their website for $400, which is $600 off their MSRP price of $1000. It is a beautiful winder, with the same attention to detail as all Orbita products.

Unfortunately, since my uncle resides in Canada, the system would not let me check out. I emailed Cheryl, whom I had not spoken to in nearly 2 years, and she responded immediately with some questions, and then eventually finding a solution for us that worked, and they shipped it out here to Canada for us!

Again I have to thank Orbita for their hospitality in dealing with me and keeping me happy as a customer. It seems these days less and less companies manage to do this – Orbita is truly a gem to deal with.