Being a Canadian watch collector and blogger, I feel something of a responsibility to mention the watches that Canadian watchmakers produce and sell such as Halios. Today I’m going to talk a little about Archer Watches, who have become quite popular with the online watch crowd. The company is a one-man watch operation run by a guy named Al, who is quite the watchmaker. I haven’t found any info on his credentials, but he certainly knows his way around a watch movement as can be seen in his blog.

Al’s latest creation is the Archer Aero CS. The Aero CS is a 42mm 316L Stainless Steel cased Pilot watch. Double Sapphire Crystals, and some interesting movement upgrades: A Central Seconds hand modification, and a feature where the second hand will stop at 12 when the crown is pulled out allowing easy synchronisation. It comes available on a Jurgen’s 22mm strap, which is a very nice strap, or optional stainless steel bracelet. Price for the Archer Aero CS is $1,900 US on strap, and $2,150 US on Bracelet.