June 2009

Sweet new watch from Jaeger-LeCoultre! A big 44mm AMOVOX2 Chronograph, with sweet semi-open dial and titanium case. This is a very nice watch from JLC, and while being a bit edgier in styling, still maintains that characteristic JLC look.

This watch was unveiled at LeMans and uses the JLC caliber 751E. This movement has a 60 hour power reserve and 41 jewels. Beautifully hand-finished movement from one of the best bang-for-buck Watch Manufactures out there.


Concord’s unique and hot-looking C1 Chronograph’s get a facelift with some new color combinations and some beautiful Crocodile straps that will bring some class out of the brand’s flaship Chronograph.


George at Govberg is a popular guy to buy watches from on our Breitling Forum, and he has alerted us that they had $500,000 worth of Audemars Piguet watches stolen from them a few days ago. Robbers walked in and sprayed security guards with mase, and smash and grabbed from the AP display case.

Jewelery Robberies are on the rise, even in fair Vancouver where I reside. This is unfortunate, and as people get desparate, such things will continue to happen. Keep these things in mind when considering an online purchase, especially without box and papers for some of these watches.

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IWC opened the doors to it’s new Flagship Boutique in Hong Kong on June 1st, 2009. This state of the art showroom is absolutely amazing inside. And they say the luxury goods industry is in turmoil… 😉

The Boutique will carry all the standard collections as well as some limited exclusive timepieces available only at the boutique. This is IWC’s first Flagship store, and joins many other prestigious luxury brands at 1881 Heritage, the location of the boutique. The store extends to over 200 metres, which is around 2000 square feet.

My second and last Pyrolume Watch video review. I don’t think that Pejman at Pyrolume appreciated my lukewarm reviews of his watches, but that’s the way I feel about them. They are essentially Alpha watches with a custom made dial. Look neat, yes, but the premium for the dial on what is essentially a dressed up $50 watch is pretty high.

Having said that, his dials are pretty unique and they are not something you can get anywhere else, and they are CNC’d in-house and hand lume-painted. I think I would appreciate them more if he used a $250 base watch and charged $500 for the watch, however.

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