My search for the ultimate recession-friendly watch fixes once against brings me to a clock! This time, its one of those Russian MiG fighter aircraft clocks that those Russians and Ukranians are always selling. I figured an authentic working Waltham or Wakmann would be a bit pricey for a watch fix at several hundred or more, so I settled on a $68 + Shipping peice, the cheapest I could find that has a Chronograph/Timer. Choosing the model without the heater saves me an additional $5.


I picked the silver model, because I like the contrast, and think this one will look better in my office. It looks great alongside my Breitling display and Seiko world time clock. Movement is a 5 day manual wind, with a Chronograph that measures up to 60 minutes. The models with the additional hour counter costed about $40-50 more, so I decided against it for my first feeler purchase.

Accuracy is pretty good as far as I can tell, but there is no second hand except for the chronograph function. The Chronograph is monopusher type, with the same button start/stop/reset in that order, and the button for that is one on the right. The left hand button is responsible for setting and winding the clock. Turn it counter clockwise to wind (a bit odd), and pull it out and turn it to set. I had to figure that out since it did not come with instructions.


The clock measures about 5″ in diameter, which is a decent size but not really big enough to have as a mantel clock. It works well as a desk clock, or a shelf clock like I am using it for. The clock came in like new condition, with a few rubs here and there as it is supposedly NOS and has some shelf wear. It is for the most part pretty clean. There is a switch on the back that I am not sure what it does. Perhaps for adjusting the time? I dont know. It moves in a u-shape pattern and does not do anything explicitly that I can tell.


Overall I’m really happy with my clock, and it brings me much more joy than a $65 watch would. I’m really glad that I started buying a few sub-$100 clocks here and there.. it keeps the watch bug at bay, and keeps my cash in the bank, where it should be 🙂