Being that I am also a custom handmade knife enthusiast, seeing Damascus used in a production watch was very interesting for me. I’ve seen Allen Elishewitz use Damascus on some of his custom watches, but I haven’t see it used on a production watch.

Angular Momentum is using it for the entire dial of their “Digital” watch. Don’t worry, it’s still an automatic mechanical movement. It just has a digital display, so to speak. You can see it here:


Now I’m a big fan of Damascus for knife blades, because it is a beatiful material, and the grain patterns that come from repeatedly hammering and folding over the different types of steel upon itself are stunning. However, I think this watch isn’t executed very well. The way the Damascus looks on the dial is kind of cheap.

There are many different types of damascus steel, and the one they chose for this application was not the prettiest, and I think they could have done better. However, it is an interesting start, and perhaps we will see more damascus and possibly mokume on watches in the future.

Diameter: 42mm
Water Resistant: 100m
Movement: Swiss Automatic 25 Jewel